Christina AguileraSexual and ideal image of Christina Aguilera, who is a famous American singer, dancer and producer, is a result of work of stylists and plastic surgeons. The first plastic surgery was made when Christina was only eighteen years old! The singer’s producers threw out a hint that her beautiful voice was not enough for a successful career and it was necessary to make breast-enlarging surgery. A young lady has got the message and went to the plastic surgery clinic. Thanks to the intervention of plastic surgeons her breast became two sizes bigger and this fact certainly made her more popular. A famous celebrity repeated such operation only post partum in order to correct the form of her breast and even to make it a little bit smaller.

Also it was rumoured that a well-known singer made rhinoplasty and lip augmentation. Certainly the celebrity refused the fact of surgical intervention but if to compare the photos before and after plastic surgery, everyone can see that Christina’s look changed.

Once during the press conference devoted to the musical “Burlesque” paparazzo noticed a scar on a right hand near the axillary cavity. Christina greeted her admirers and had evidently forgotten about her scar. According to expert opinion, such scars were the result of breast augmentation, when breast implants are put exactly through axillary cavity.

Christina Aguilera photo Before & After

Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera

Also Christina’s Aguilera admirers suppose that the woman also has buttock implants. Only such a plastic surgery can be the explanation of such figure changes. The celebrity never could boast by ample curves and only surgical intervention could change her greatly. In 2012 during the anChristina Aguileranual ceremony of American Music Awards a pop-star was noticed in an elegant dress, which accentuated the changes of her butt. Plastic surgery specialists commented that likely Christina made lipoplasty (when body fat was taken from her waist and was injected in her buttock). Such a procedure conduced forming of a big butt and slimmer waist. Singer’s buttock became much bigger and started resembling Kim’s Kardashian or Jennifer’s Lopez buttock.

In 2011 Christina gained weight and it was rumoured that the singer gained approximately 20 kg! During the ceremony of Golden Globe Award everyone gave a tumble on the problems with extra weight. Some journalists even considered that the singer gained her weight in order to make her breast look more natural in comparison with her butt. But some time later the singer lost her weight very quickly. A great number of her admirers, knowing her addiction to junk food, supposed that the singer again asked the help of plastic surgeons and she was made liposuction.

Christina Aguilera

Nowadays the celebrity is 34 years old and she looks sexy and gorgeous! Despite of plastic surgery it is necessary to say that Christina Aguilera has undergone through them not in vain and nowadays the celebrity’s plastic surgery is the order of the day!

Christina Aguilera on The Queen Latifah Show

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