Date of birth: December 29, 1972 (Age: 44 years)

Height: 5′ 11″ (182 cm)

Weight: 192 pounds (87 kg)

Jude Law's height, weight and body measurements

Jude Law body measurements:

Chest: 44″ (112 cm)

Waist: 35″ (89 cm)

Biceps: 15″ (38 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Blue

Jude Law's eyes and hair color

Millions of women are in love with this British dandy today.

Stylish and sexy ladies’ man has repeatedly won in the ratings of the most handsome men of the planet. All doors are open before him. He hacks the code of the most impregnable hearts. One can’t resist his charm. And even the flabby security cracker from the criminal comedy House Hemingway in his performance looks devilishly tempting.

All of this is about Jude Law.

By the way, for the role of House Hemingway, Jude Law had to gain 14 kilos!

The protagonist of the film, House Hemingway, is a burglar-thief, released after 12 years in prison. Having gleaned the glory of a cute guy, the British actor showed the wonders of reincarnation presenting to the audience a brutal bear-bearer.

And, although, for the role of an unbalanced psychopath, the actor has not received an Oscar, he has succeeded in diluting the role of a handsome boy and gaining high praise from critics.

Behind the scenes remained the story of the transformation of an actor from a slim dandy into a bearded fat House. According to the director’s plan, the cracker Hemingway is a clumsy man immoderate in carnal pleasures. To enter the role and gain the necessary weight, Jude had to sit on a special diet.

The main ingredients of his menu were: ice cream – 2-3 boxes per day, sweet soda – up to 12 cans, whiskey and cigarettes – unlimited.

The British actor remembers the suffering of gluttony and libations, because in his heart the actor is a gourmet – eats a bit, but only something delicious.

Jude Law's height, weight and body measurements

The results of the diet did not fully satisfy the director. The tailor had to sew suits, so that the actor looked in them “like a toothpaste getting out of a tube”.

Such transformation was given to Law really with a great difficult, but what one will not sacrifice for the sake of art?

English actor managed to lose weight rather successfully. The actor sat on a healthy diet, went in for sports, and stocks of whiskey, soda and cigarettes folded into a box and buried on the Isle of Man. Ritualistics!

Paparazzi often caught losing actor in vegetable markets, where he used to choose products for his diet. Most often, in the basket to the London dandy there were strawberries and asparagus. A real gourmet. Or maybe a vegetarian?

Jude’s ex-wife, actress Sadie Frost, is a vegetarian. Out of a sense of solidarity, he refused meat eating while living with her.

Today, the actor eats everything and does not do a day without meat or fish. His predilections the British macho revised after the shooting in the film Cold Mountain.

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