Date of birth:  April 3, 1961 (Age 57)

Full name: Edward Regan Murphy

Born place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Height: 5’9.25’’ (176 cm)

Weight: 77 kg (170 pounds)

Eddie Murphy’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Eddie Murphy’s eyes and hair color

Eddie Murphy, an incredibly talented man who has changed the face of American comedy in Hollywood. He is one who is very passionate about what he does and is not limited to a particular field. He has created successful careers as a director, actor, producer, comedian and even a musician.

However, all this was birth in him while he was yet a child and had just gone through the tragic death of his father, his mother falling sick and having to live under foster care. As a strong and optimistic child, instead of remaining in the shadows of his problems, he took the best out his experiences and turned them into comedy.

He spent most of his time as child watching and learning from iconic comedians such as Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor. In his teenage years, he began penning down his comedy acts.

He, therefore, started out with comedy which brought him enormous fame before he eventually ventured into acting. He was even ranked among the top ten stand-ups of all time.

For close to 4 decades, Eddie has been in the limelight and has featured in 38 movies, 11 television series as well as created 2 stand-up comedy films. He has also won 15 awards and nominated for 39 others.

In 1985, he released a single titled Party All The Time, which became a huge hit and was even ranked among the top 3 singles in the US.

At the age of 56, Eddie looks finer than ever. Eddie had always had a pretty good shape but in the past 2 years, he kicked his workout regime up a notch and began working towards a chiselled body. Eddie is a living proof of the saying that “Black don’t crack”. He looks like he has not aged a day over 30.

Eddie Murphy’s height, weight and age

However, this result has required a truckload of hard work. In order to achieve such a ripped figure, he follows a strict diet, loses fat while he builds up muscles through an intense workout and also uses some health supplements.

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