Julio Iglesias Height, Weight, Age

Julio Iglesias

Date of Birth: 23 September, 1943 (Age: 72)

Height: 185 cm (6 ft 1)

Weight: 87 kg or 191 pounds (approximately)

Eye color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

I have little talent and a lot of discipline”, thus Julio Iglesias explains his incredible success. He looks great in his “over 70” age; he is still active and handsome.

Julio Iglesias is a son of a doctor, the famous gynecologist, and a homemaker. The boy liked music from the earliest age, but it was just a hobby for him. Julio was a brilliant student and after graduation from school, he entered the college. The talented teenager got a degree of lawyer and only later decided to pursue career of a musician, when he had become the best at the 1968 Benidorm Festival with the song, he had written himself.

Julio Iglesias career peak was in 1970-1980, when he released his greatest songs like “Hey”, “Non Stop” and others. Even now, when Julio Iglesias is in his golden age, he never gets tired to release his albums in different languages.

Julio Iglesias is in great shape. He is tall; his body is muscled and fast. In fact, the star was a professional soccer player, so his form is a result of constant training from his teens.

Now Julio Iglesias lives in Marbella, Spain. He lives there with his 5 younger children (he is a father of 8 children in general) and their mother, Julio’s current wife, Miranda Rijnsburger. Miranda is 22 years junior than Julio, nevertheless they look great together. To remain strong and slim for his much younger wife, Julio trains a lot.

Julio Iglesias Height, Weight, Age

Julio Iglesias

He told that was involved into a car accident in his 20. Then the future star was paralyzed and he thought he would never walk again. But persistent training helped the young man to restore body mobility.

Till now exercises are included in his schedule daily. Julio Iglesias likes swimming and he has several swimming pools on the huge territory of his estate. Julio swims almost every day and it helps him to remain active all day long. Besides the star has golf court on the territory of his house and he likes playing from time to time to get pleasure and to warm up.

Julio Iglesias is not the fan of gym training, he likes active lifestyle. Of course, reasonable diet is another secret of his great look and strong health. Julio tries to eat more vegetables daily, he is not the fan of meat, but has a steak from time to time. In general, Julio tells that he used to have three passions, songs, wine and women. Now he tries to get rid of his passion towards wine, but allows himself to have a drink from time to time.

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