Justin Timberlake Parents:

Randy Timberlake (father), Paul Harless (stepfather) Lynn Bomar Harless (mother)

Justin Timberlake Parents

Lynn Harless (mother), Paul Harless (stepfather)

Justin Timberlake Siblings:

Laura Katherine Timberlake (sister, died soon after birth)

Jonathan Timberlake (half brother)

Justin Timberlake Family

Jonathan Timberlake

Stephen Timberlake (half-brother)

Justin Timberlake's siblings - half-brother Stephen and Jonathan Timberlake

Stephen and Jonathan Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Marital Status:


Justin Timberlake Wife:

Jessica Biel (since 2012)

 Justin Timberlake Family

Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake Children:

Silas Randall Timberlake (son with Jessica Biel)

Justin Timberlake Family

Silas Randall Timberlake

Justin Timberake has a lot of reasons to be proud of himself. He became popular as a musician, actor and producer; he was the first man of Britney Spears and he dated Cameron Diaz. Justin’s young years were full of love and passion, but now he is a faithful husband and loving father.

Justin Timberake is a son of Randy Timberlake, a Baptist minister, and Lynn Bomar Harless, a manager. His parents got divorced, when Justin was in a kindergarten and soon both got remarried. Justin has two half-brothers from his father’s second marriage. His mom Lynn married a bank worker and was completely involved into her new family life. She gave small Justin to her grandparents and the boy was mostly brought up by his grandfather. It was his grandfather, who taught Justin to be a religious person and to live in the right way.

Being in his teens, Timberlake got interested in music and acting. His mom helped Justin to become a member of “The New Mickey Mouse Club” and it was his first step to stardom.

Justin Timberlake cute face made him the sweetest dream for many girls and women. He dated numerous famous ladies and that’s why, when he finally started dating an actress Jessica Biel in 2007, nobody expected that they love would last for long.

Justin Timberlake Family

Justin Timberlake. Family

Justin’s friends say, he was crashed on Jessica for a long time and fell in love with her the first day, when saw her pretty face on the screen. When they were officially introduced to each other in January, 2007, Justin started to flirt that very moment. Jessica and Justin started dating in January, 2007 and their sweet romance lasted for three years. But in 2011 the couple unexpectedly split. In autumn that very year Justin did everything to renew their relationship and in December he proposed his sweet heart. In the mountains of Jackson, Wyoming the most handsome singer in the world stood up on one knee and begged Jessica to become his wife. She answered “Yes!” and on the 19th of October, 2012 they wedded at the Borgo Egnazia resort in Italy.

Jessica changed her name to Mrs. Timberlake, but her professional name remained the same.

In January, 2015 Jessica announced her pregnancy. On the 11th of April the couple welcomed their first son, Silas Randall Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake enjoys being a father and still loves his wife most of all in his life!

Justin Timberlake Family

Justin Timberlake. Family

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