Kate Moss - Height, Weight, Age

Kate Moss

Date of Birth: 16 January, 1974 (Age: 42)

Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7)

Weight: 48 kg (105 pounds)

Kate Moss measurements:

Breast size: 83 cm (32 in)

Waist size: 58 cm (22 in)

Hips: 86 cm (33 in)

Dress Size: 4 US (34 EU)

Feet size: 7 US (37 EU)

Eye color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Blonde (but naturally brown)

Alabaster skin, almost white face and unreally small breasts – these features differ the supermodel Kate Moss from the others. She was called “the ugliest model in the world”, “anorexic” and “heroin addicted”.

Her appearance and way of life is anti-role model, she is the sample of everything forbidden and wrong. That’s why it is hard to understand the secret of her popularity.

Katherine Moss was born in London, England. She was not popular in her class as she looked to tall ad too slim. Once she went for vacation with her parents and while she was going into the plane, she was stopped by a woman. It was Sarah Doukas, the owner of a model agency, who invited the girl to her agency to sign the contract and start career of a model.

Kate Moss - Height, Weight, Age

Kate Moss

At first anorexic teenager with an angry face was not noticed by fashion gurus. Everything had changed when Kate appeared naked on the cover of the popular magazine. Her breasts were tiny, which is considered as a drawback, but somehow Kate became extremely popular. An adult woman with a body of a teenager and exhausted face made the whole world crazy. That “heroin chic” helped her to sign multi million deal with Calvin Klein. It was her big break.

Later she appeared as a cameo actress in several TV series. She participated in some music videos and modeled for the most famous fashion brands in the world like L’Oreal, Gucci, Coty and many others.

She gave a birth to a daughter in 2002, nevertheless her body still looks extremely slim.

Kate Moss - Height, Weight, Age

Kate Moss

But if you think that Kate Moss keeps to a strict diet and trains from morning till night you are wrong.

She is vegetarian and avoids meat products. But these are the only products, which are excluded from her menu. A supermodel eats everything the other models are afraid to eat. She likes chocolate, chips and paste and is a great fan of fries.

She had never trained at all, when she was younger. But now the star participates in Dan Chapman 3 week program. The main idea of his program is interval workout, when high intensity activities change with low intensity intervals.

Kate Moss - Height, Weight, Age

Kate Moss

Kate Moss can’t workout too hard, because she is not completely healthy. Once she was hospitalized with a kidney disease. She also was sent for rehab as alcohol and drug addicted person.

Thus, unnatural anorexic beauty from Kate Moss still remains her visiting card.

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