Daughter of a rock star

Kelly-Osbourne-weight-lossTiresome diets, always trying to look perfect, ideal make up, all these are common to our celebrities. Kelly Osbourne is not an exception.

Being a daughter of a famous rock star, she was always in the centre of attention. It happened that she couldn’t boast by a slim figure and overweight was a real problem for her.

But during all her life she doesn’t consider it to be a problem and to refuse from one more hamburger or a chocolate she had no desire.

But thanks to the show Dancing with the Stars, in which Kelly took part, her life changed. So changed her figure. She declined from emotional eating and lost 20 pounds.

Kelly Osbourne weight loss amazed everyone!

This diet that consequently gained the name “Kelly Osbourne diet” became rather popular and is considered to be very efficient. Nowadays thousands of girls try to follow her footsteps and to achieve the same or at least close results. For those who keep Kelly’s diet correctly the dreams to lose weight come true much quicker as it happened with our celebrity. Certainly, every girl dreams about an ideal figure.

Photos of Kelly Osbourne Before & After

If we compare two Kelly Osbourne photos, where she is depicted before and after the weight loss, we may make a conclusion that she really changed. She became clean-lined and finally everyone can see her slim waist-line.

It is necessary to mention that she didn’t do any diet investigations. At the beginning of 2007 the lady had a weight 73.5 kg, with the height 161 and worried greatly that she would not ever lose her weight. But everywhere she announced that she could not imagine her life without fast and junky food.

But her life changed greatly after the invitation to take part in one of the dancing shows. Inspired by her dancing partner she changed her mind about fitness and food. Kelly and her partner gained the third place and she started quickly to lose her weight. The trainings were very hard and exhausting. As soon as she changed her ration, she felt lightness while dancing. During the shooting the girl lost 10 kg. After the show she continued her diet and lost 10 kg again. She was proud of herself and didn’t expect that the process of weight loss would bring her so many positive emotions. Finally she could look into the mirror and didn’t hate her reflection.

Kelly Osbourne2 kelly-osbourne1

She broke all the rules of nutritional science. She never counted calories, didn’t pay too much attention to the amount of portions and ate fruits before going to bed. She refused from fast food, if the desire to taste pizza was extremely strong she cooked it by the other recipe, using more vegetables and less batter and cheese. Also she refused from pasta and white bread. As a result we may see new Kelly with slim figure, who continues following her diet.

So we can make a conclusion that the secret of Kelly’s weight loss is very simple and doesn’t mean that you must take some pills or undergo surgical intervention. Physical training and strict diet are the main criteria of her success!

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