Kesha Height, Weight, Age


Date of Birth: 1 March, 1987 (Age:29)

Height: 175 cm (5 ft 9)

Weight: 64 kg (141 pounds)

Kesha measurements:

Breast size: 92 cm (36 in)

Waist size: 71 cm (28 in)

Hips: 94 cm (37 in)

Feet size: 10, 5 US (41 EU)

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde (Naturally Brown)

Kesha is an unusual person, you understand it just at first sight. She is tall and quite slim, she is dying her hair blonde and she can boast with a golden tooth in her smile. The singer uses dollar sign, when she is writing her name, and it is necessary to write her name as “Ke$ha”.

The star likes bright clothes and too bright makeup. But if her appearance and its beauty is a matter of dispute, her talent of singer has already been proved by numerous hits. Her best songs are “Tik Tok”, “Your Love Is My Drug”, “Blah, Blah, Blah” and many others.

Kesha Height, Weight, Age


She has already released two studio albums during the years of her career and was going to release the third one but then she cancelled it.

Kesha Rose Sebert was born in Los Angeles, CA. She was raised by a single mother, Pebe, and grew up with a brother. The singer used to tell, that she had never known her father, but this information is under question. The man Bob Chamberlain came to the editor of “Star” magazine and showed photos and letters, which proved that he was Kesha’s father and they communicated regularly till the girl has become popular.

Kesha’s mother was a singer and the girl was fond of music from the earliest years. She dropped out studying, when managed to sign her first recording deal.

Kesha Height, Weight, Age


Kesha’s songs have become popular due to her great performance. She has already participated in several worldwide tours. Kesha has a tough schedule, but she finds the time for personal life too. She calls herself “pansexual”. No she is rumored to date Brad Ashenfelter, her stylist’s friend.

Kesha is quite slim, but her legs are so massive. Kesha has no personal trainer and doesn’t keep to a diet.

She is not the fan of gym workouts but visits gym daily, when she is getting ready to her worldwide tour. In her personal life the star prefers to make training the part of her life. Thus she likes swimming, cycling, and running and once she has even tried mountain climbing. She meets her friends at weekends and they play team games. Thus Kesha has made sports the inseparable part of her life. She thinks that working out in gym on a daily basis is boring.

Kesha Height, Weight, Age


Kesha is unusual and eccentric singer, but she is talented and funny and that’s why her fans are crazy from her. And you? Are you one of her fans?

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