Parents: Stanley Ann Dunham (mother), Barack Obama Sr. (father), Lolo Soetoro (stepfather), Kezia Obama (stepmother)

Barack Obama relatives

Barack Obama Parents

Siblings: Maya Soetoro-Ng (half-sister), Auma Obama (half-sister), Abongo [Roy] Obama (eldest half-brother), Bernard Obama (half-brother), Abo Obama (half-brother), Mark Okoth Obama (half-brother), David Opiya Obama (half-brother), Bernard Obama (half-brother), George Hussein Onyango Obama (half-brother)


Barack Obama Siblings

Spouse: Michelle Obama (née Robinson) – since 1992

Barack Obama wife Michelle Obama

Barack Obama Spouce

Children: Malia Ann (born July 4, 1998), Natasha (born June 10, 2001)

Barack Obama daughters: Malia Ann, Natasha

Barack Obama Children

Barack Hussein – this is the exact name given Obama by his parents. More precisely, that was the name of his father: Kenyan student who came to Hawaii for studying. Obama’s father was born in a small Kenyan village of Alego. He came to study in Hawaii because there, for foreigners, especially students from Africa, everything was easier: warmer and no racism.

Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, is from a small town in Kansas. The parents met while studying at the University of Hawaii in Manole.

Obama’s parents divorced when Barack Obama Jr. was two years old. His father went to Harvard to get a Ph.D., and then returned home to Kenya.

barack obama with wife and daughters

Barack Obama Family

When his father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. returned to Kenya, his mother remarried. Again, it was the foreigner – Indonesian student Lolo Soetoro, whom she moved to Jakarta with.

In 1982, when Obama was 21, his own father died in a car accident. Obama lost his unknown father.

Normal children do not really like to be deprived of a father, and Barack Jr. had a dream. This dream he describes in his book “Dreams inherited from the father”.

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Already engaged in political activity, Obama JR. came to Kenya, where he visited the grave of his father and grandfather. In Kenya, Obama is greeted as a national hero.

barack obama with wife and daughters

Barack Obama Family

Obama’s mother Ann Dunham for a long time lived in Indonesia with her second husband. She died of cancer a few months after the publication of her son’s first book

Obama has maternal stepsisters and several brothers, both maternal and paternal.

In 1989, Obama worked for a law firm, where he met Michelle Robinson, assistant lawyer. After receiving the degree of Doctor of Law, in 1992 Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson married.

Barack Obama has two daughters Malia and Sasha.

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Barack Obama is the son of a Kenyan immigrant, his wife is African-American, and in the veins of the daughters of Barack Obama is very few white blood of his Kansas mother. But Barack Obama has never flaunting his skin color remaining a staunch politician – Democrat and black.

barack obama with his wife

Barack Obama Wife

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