Height: 5 ft 10 in (180 cm)

Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)

Date of birth: July 4, 1998 (Age 18)Malia Obama

Hardly there are more popular people in the USA than the members of the President’s family. Their life is constantly in the centre of attention and prying journalists always want to know all the intimate details of their personal life. Their new clothes, shoes, hair dresses, comments and behavior surely make tongues wag. Malia Obama is not an exception.Malia Obama

Malia Ann Obama was born under a lucky planet – she is the daughter of the 44th President of the United States of America. Her mother is Michelle Obama – the first lady of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Malia is the elder daughter in their friendly family; the couple has one more daughter Sasha. Malia was born on July 4, 1998 in the USA. At the moment of her birth her famous father was the Senator of Illinois.

At the age of ten her father was elected the President of the country. It seems to be that at the moment her carefree childhood came to the end. Malia is proud of her status and proud of her family. She is substantially involved in the social life of their family. The girl was present at both swearing-in ceremonies of her father. If Barak Obama goes abroad almost always she accompanies him and always takes part in various official meetings.

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Malia has a sister Sasha (full name Natasha) who is now 14. By the way, the youngest daughter of the president of USA became the youngest child to reside in the White House. Sasha and Malia Obama are included into the list of the most influential teenagers of 2014.

Malia Obama studied at the private University of Chicago Laboratory School. As she was the main teenager of the country the girl hadn’t the other choice as being an excellent pupil. But Malia is a very private person and it is difficult to forge friendship with her. She has a certain circle of contacts and doesn’t allow any interference in her personal life. The girl is very vulnerable and is afraid of critics.

Speaking about the appearance of the President’s daughter one must confess that she is similar to her mother. Now her height is 1.80 cm. You may wonder how old is Malia Obama? Because it seems to be that she is still a small daughter of the President. Now she is 18 and Malia is a tall and pretty girl. Despite the majority of teenagers, Malia is not ashamed of her height, she is proud of it. She is proud of her figure and uses her body measurements in order to look perfect in any clothes. The young lady inherited the sense of style from her mother.
Malia Obama
Malia Obama

As Malia doesn’t like opening up with strangers, her mother confesses that her daughter is very judicious and communicative. She likes square talks with her mother or father and always shares her problems with them. In one of the interviews Barack Obama said: “Though she has height 180 cm she is still my little daughter”.

Nevertheless the President’s ‘little daughter’ now is interested in cinematography. Last summer she took part in a great Spielberg’s project. During the shooting of the series ‘Extent’ Malia Obama worked as the film director’s assistant. Though she didn’t do some serious work it was a good experience for her. If to believe The Wrap Malia helped with the computer setting.
Malia Obama

Malia is a young girl with pretty hazel eyes and has lots of admires and fans. Kenyan lawyer Felix Kiprono asked in marriage to thedaughter of the President of the USA. He made an unbelievable proposal because he offered 70 sheep, 50 cows and 30 goats to marry Obama’s daughter. He fell in love with Malia when she was only 10 years old. Felix promised that he would teach Malia to milk a cow and to cook traditional African dishes. Nevertheless the White House didn’t comment it.

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Now Malia is taking out the driving licence, likes wearing T-shirts depicting her favourite pop and rock stars and makes selfie with her friends.
Malia Obama

Malia Obama Hits The Road: First Daughter Turning 16, Will Start Driving This Summer

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