Kevin Hart Parents:

Henry Robert Witherspoon (father), Nancy Hart (mother)

Kevin Hart Parents

Nancy Hart (mother)

Kevin Hart Siblings:

Robert Hart (older brother)

Kevin Hart Family

Robert Hart (older brother), Henry Robert Witherspoon (father)

Kevin Hart Marital Status:


Kevin Hart Wife:

Torrei Hart (2003-2011)

Kevin Hart Family

Torrei Hart

Kevin Hart Fiancée:

Eniko Parrish (engaged in August, 2014)

Kevin Hart Family

Eniko Parrish

Kevin Hart Children:

1. Heaven Hart (daughter with Torrei Hart)

2. Hendrix Hart (son with Torrei Hart)

Kevin Hart Family

1. Heaven Hart
2. Hendrix Hart

Many celebrities tell that they managed to succeed only due to the support of their parents, siblings and sweet hearts. A comic Kevin Hart is not the exclusion from this rule.

When the star recollects in his mind his early years, he tells that his elder brother Robert, his mom Nancy and he were a real team. But he can’t tell the same about his father Henry. Kevin’s dad was drug addicted and used all drugs he could ever find. Once Henry stole $20, which were given to small Kevin on his birthday.

Very often Henry Witherspoon was put into jail and there’s no need to say, Kevin’s father had never supported his wife and children. Their family tragedy was stopped, when Robert put his father for rehab and Henry managed to cope with his problems. Now Henry is in constant contact with his children and Kevin tells that he managed to forgive his dad all his mistakes. “Due to his bad sample I had never gone down that road”, Kevin used to tell.

Nancy Hart raised her two sons as a single parent. Of course, it was very hard for her and she tried any job she could find. Kevin found a job of a shoe salesman in the local shop in order to help his mom.

Kevin tells that his parents’ family life was not successful, that’s why he tried his best to become a good husband and father, when he got married. In May, 2003 Kevin Hart and Torrei Hart tied a knot after a year of engagement. The couple gave a birth to two children, a daughter Heaven Hart (born on 22 March, 2005) and a son, Hendrix Hart (born on 8 November, 2007)

Kevin Hart Family

Kevin Hart. Family

In 2011 Kevin filed for divorce. He didn’t comment his decision and the reason was not known. Later his ex-wife Torrei appeared at the show “Atlanta’s exes” and told, that her ex-hubby “tried to control her life and used her as an object of his jokes” and it ruined their relationship.

Hopefully, Kevin won’t use his future wife to play fun of her. He proposed to Eniko Parrish on the 18th of August, 2014 after five years of dating. Kevin made his proposal at Eniko’s birthday party and she said “Yes!”

Later his ex-wife Torrei accused Eniko to ruin her marriage with Kevin as they started dating, when Hart was still a married man.

In any case, Kevin and Eniko are happy together and are planning their wedding ceremony now!

Kevin Hart Family

Kevin Hart. Family

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