Date of birth:  July 6, 1966 (Age 51)

Full name: Brian Edmund Posehn

Born Place: Sacramento, California, USA

Height: 6’6’’ (198.1 cm)

Weight: 356 pounds (161 kg)

Brian Posehn’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Brown/Grey

Eye color: Blue

Brian Posehn’s eyes and hair color

Brian Posehn is a man of many talents as he has been able to create an extremely successful 23-year long career as a stand-up comedian, actor and musician. Comedy began for Brian while he was yet a child in his hometown Sacramento. He got a job doing comedy at a club once a week which he absolutely enjoyed and decided to pursue a career in that field.

In 1995, he enlarged his cords into the television industry with his first role as an actor on the show Empty Nest. 3 years later, he ventured into the movie industry with a role in the Wedding Singer and from that point, he continued to do exploits in the industry.

The exposure he got through TV shows and movies made him realise he had a particular skill in voice acting and it as well opened more doors for him. Within the space of over 20 years as an actor, Brian has featured in 30 movies and 61 television shows.

While immersed in the television and movie industries, Brian’s career in comedy began to even flourish for the better as it helped him gain much popularity. In 2005 he took part in Comedians of Comedy tour which also brought him much success.

Brian has also become a success in the metal music world. In 2006, his first album Live In: Nerd Rage was released via Relapse Records. He has released a total of 3 albums.

Despite all his above successes, it is as though Brian doesn’t stop or slow down. He is also a comic author and screenwriter. He co-authored 8 Deadpool volumes as well as the image comic The Last Christmas and was a writer for the television show Mr. Show With Bob and David.

Brian Posehn’s height, weight and age

Brian’s life has proved to the world indeed that you can succeed in various spheres of life. He perfectly combines life as an actor, comedian, rock musician, and is still able to sustain a 13-year long marriage as well as being a father to an adorable son.

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