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Kylie Jenner`s pets. She does have only 4 dogs for now

Dog Dolce (Chihuahua)

Kylie Jenner with her first pet - dog Dolce

dog Dolce

Dog Jackson

Kylie Jenner pet - dog Dolce

dog Dolce

Dogs Louis and Vuitton  (Labradors)

Kylie Jenner pets - two dogs Louis and Vuitton

dogs Louis and Vuitton

Dog Norman (Italian greyhound) – he was born 2014/09/10

Kylie Jenner current dog Norman

dog Norman

Dog Bambi (Greyhound)

Kylie Jenner`s current dog Bambi

dog Bambi

Dog Sophie (Greyhound)

Kylie Jenner`s dog Sophie, noone knows where she is now

dog Sophie (in the middle)

Bunny Bruce – adopted in 2015

Kylie Jenner`s bunny Bruce, noone knows where he is now

bunny Bruce

Dog Rolly (English Bulldog) – Tyda`s dog

Kylie Jenner`s boyfriend Tyga dog Rolly

dog Rolly

Dog Ernie (long-haired dachshund) – since March 2016

Kylie Jenner`s cute puppy - dog Ernie

dog Ernie

Dog Penny – August 2016

Kylie Jenner`s cute newest puppy - dog Penny

dog Penny

This young girl can be definitely called a real pet lover. It’s actually hard to say how many animals did she have, but still, we’ll try to supply with the full story of her pet “collection”.

A Chihuahua Dolce was an essential part of not only Kylie’s childhood, but also of the “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. This dog has an important place in Kylie’s heart. Even after the death of the favourite dog, he is still present in her life. When Dolce left this world, Kylie named a shade of a Lip Kit after him. The girl said that she was really obsessed with this little dog.

The destiny of a dog Jackson is unknown. The last time the dog appeared on Instagram in 2012. By the way, he was adopted on the set of the reality show.

A pair of cute lab dogs – Louis and Vuitton – was a Christmas present for Kylie and her sister Kendall. There was no data about these puppies, but we know that they were very fast.

Do you follow Norman on Instagram? Yes, this dog has his own account as well as his sister Bambi. Frankly speaking, it’s the favourite Kylie’s dog. She adores this breed. Though, its account wasn’t updated for long time, the dog still appears on the screen. It seems that Norman plays the major role in this dogs’ family.

Looking at the list of the girl’s dogs, it’s quite obvious that greyhound is her favourite breed. Actually, we won’t be surprised if she adopts one more such dog.

A little bunny Bruce hasn’t appears on the Internet for some time, so it looks like he lives elsewhere now.

Can you imagine, Rolly costs $40000?!

This cute Bulldog was a gift, but it seems that he belongs to Tyga, Kylie’s boyfriend.

The member of this big family is also Ernie. It seems that the whole family is totally in love with this longhaired cutie. The puppy is small yet, so it’s a bit naughty.

The newest puppy is Penny.

And how many animals do you have? Share.

Kylie Jenner`s pets - dogs Bambi, Norman, Ernie and Penny

dogs Bambi, Norman, Ernie and Penny

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