Date of Birth: 9 March, 1911

Date of Death: 10 May, 1998 (Aged: 87)

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown, but she was slim

Eye color: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Clara Rockmore Height

Clara Rockmore

Clara Rockmore used to be a famous American theremin player and violin player. Although her body measurements were not publicized, she looked like a model, was of average height and was very slim. She had long black hair and pleasant oval face.

Clara Reisenberg (Rockmore) spent her childhood in Vilnius (then Russian Empire) with her parents and two sisters.

Clara Rockmore Weight

Clara Rockmore

She was talented as a violin player and it was noticed at first sight. Clara was accepted to Saint Petersburg Conservatory, being four year old child. Thus she proved that was incredibly talented as nobody else had been accepted to a conservatory at such a young age. After the Revolution Clara’s family immigrated to USA and there she continued playing the violin, although she had to stop it soon because of tendinitis of her bows. Such a disease was caused by bad nutrition as the family Reisenberg was quite poor.

Clara was frustrated, when she knew that playing the violin was forbidden for her. But she played theremin instead. She met a musician Léon Theremin, who created the first electronic musical instrument, which he named after his own surname. Theremin resembled modern synthesizer and it demanded no efforts for Clara to play it. The woman became popular as a virtuoso theremin player. She promoted the new instrument all over the world, giving concerts in different parts of our planet. The musician played the theremin much better than the others. She used unique technique, touching the instrument accurately and rapidly at the same time. Being a trained violin player, Clara used her knowledge and skills, which helped her play the theremin great.

Clara Reisenberg changed her surname for Rockmore, when she got married. Léon Theremin was a great fan of beautiful and talented lady and proposed her numerous times, but she refused to marry him. Clara got married Robert Rockmore, who earned his living as an attorney. The couple had no children.

Clara Rockmore Body Measurement

Clara Rockmore

Clara Rockmore died from natural causes at the age of 87. Although her health was very poor, she told that she had been going to live till her great-grandniece birthday. Two days after the baby girl birthday, the theremin player and internationally popular star passed away.

Till now the music lovers remember Clara Rockmore, a great woman, who looked young and toned, although her diet or fitness routine had never been known.

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