Date of Birth: 12 November, 1973 (Age: 42)

Height: 163 cm (5 ft 4)

Weight: 53 kg (118 pounds)

Mayte Garcia Height

Mayte Garcia

Mayte Garcia body measurements:

Shoe Size: 7 US (37 EU)

Eye color: Hazel

Hair Color: Black

Mayte Garcia Weight

Mayte Garcia

Mayte Garcia is a popular American dancer and choreographer. She is an incredibly beautiful woman and her body has always been a sample for many other women. She is not tall (163 cm), very slim and miniature. Even now, when Mayte is not so young, she looks perfect in skinny jeans and in a mini skirt.

Mayte Jannell García was born in Puerto Rican family. The girl liked dancing from her childhood and attended belly dancing classes. She appeared on TV at a tender age of 8 and then she danced like a professional adult dancer. It was unique for her age.

Mayte Garcia started her career at the age of 16 and she was casted as a dancer by a famous singer Prince. He was twice her senior; nevertheless they two fell in love. Being a real gentleman, Prince waited for 2 years till his sweetheart got 18, when they finally had started their romance.

Mayte Garcia confessed in her interview, which she gave after Prince’s death, that he was her first man. They got married, when the young dancer was just 22 and probably, could be happy together, but Garcia lost two children and it was ruinous for her.

Mayte and Prince had a boy together, but he died a week after his birth. The baby had Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare defect. Then Mayte had a miscarriage. She was exhausted physically and emotionally after the children’s loss and her relationship with Prince gradually came to an end. They split in 2000 and although Mayte Garcia had some other love affairs with famous man, she names Prince the main love of her life.

It is interesting to know, that Mayte is quite small. Her height is just 163 cm, but still she was a little higher than her loved one Prince. He was very small and even miniature Mayte could easily wear his shoes as their size was almost the same. But she didn’t notice Prince’s height as she was charmed by his personality.

Mayte Garcia Body measurement

Mayte Garcia

Now Garcia lives with an adopted daughter Gia. She is in great shape and her secret is an active lifestyle. Like a belly dancer, Mayte Garcia spends several hours per day, making various dancing movements. She is also the lover of Pilates and yoga. The beautiful woman tells that she likes sweating as she feels so pure after it.

Thus Mayte Garcia remains slim and flexible and looks much younger of her real age.

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