Mitchell Slaggert Height, Weight, Age

Mitchell Slaggert

Date of Birth: b. 1994 (Age: 21)

Height: 188 cm (6 ft 2)

Weight: 78 kg or in (approximately)

Mitchell Slaggert measurements:

Waist size: 80 cm (32 in)

Inseam: 83 cm (33 in)

Suit Size: 7, 5 (US) or 40 (EU)

Feet size: 12 US (EU)

Eye color: Grey

Hair Color: Blond

When he was called the new face (or it is better to tell, the new body) of male underwear from Calvin Klein, the women all over the world turned their faces to him. He was brief in his comments – “It’s an honor for me!”

An ordinary boy from Georgia, who was scouted a couple of months ago, has already become one of the hottest male bodies on the planet, along with such well known handsome men as Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt.

Not much is known about the new star as he has just on the way to his popularity. But we will tell you some secrets of his great ripped body. You can follow them if you want to surprise your girlfriend!

Mitchell Slaggert Height, Weight, Age

Mitchell Slaggert

In fact, the greatest male body of the planet was a simple boy a year ago and knew nothing about diets or regular workouts. He is young and handsome due to the efforts of his parents, who gave the boy their great genes.

When he was noticed by a talent scout Daniel Peddle on the street, the boy was just going home after his classes in college. Daniel caught up the hot guy and offered him to start modeling. The fellow was shocked and didn’t believe at once and then agreed as Daniel was that very person, who discovered Jennifer Lawrence.

Mitchell Slaggert Height, Weight, Age

Mitchell Slaggert

After being casted as Calvin Klein model, the fellow, whose body was great from nature, still had to change his eating plan and include regular workouts in his daily routine.

He gets up in the morning and starts his day from breakfast. He usually eats a toast and drinks a glass of natural apple juice.

Then Mitchell goes for running. If his working schedule is not extremely tough, he runs daily.

Mitchell Slaggert Height, Weight, Age

Mitchell Slaggert

The fellow drinks lots of water daily. He stays hydrating all the time. The boy drinks about 3-4 liters of water per day.

Then he eats healthy food – porridge, eggs curds and lots of fruit and vegetables. He chooses multicolored fruits, because the more colors there are on the plate, the better it is.

He has five meals per day – three main meals and two snacks.

Of course, the fellow trains a lot. He has three strength workouts every week. Besides the fellow runs and swims almost every day.

These simple rules help Mitchell Slaggert remain the most desirable male model on the planet. They say, he dreams about a career of an actor!

Mitchell Slaggert Height, Weight, Age

Mitchell Slaggert

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