Height:   Robert Downey Jr
174 cm
78 kg

Robert Downey Jr. is already 50 years old but he is deemed to be one of the brightest, wittiest and most powerful actors in Hollywood. He is famous for his acrimonious comments and impudent roles in the films. The films Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Avengers and Iron Man were the most successful works of his acting career. He is also a handsome man with brown eyes and is considered to be a lady’s man in Hollywood.

Robert Downey JrRobert Downey Jr. was born in 1965 in the family of actors. His childhood was rather complicated only because of the fact that he was a son of a famous film director, actor and script writer Robert Downey. At the age of five Robert started his acting career and shot in a comedy Pound. Later he continued his work in another four films and the boy understood that being an actor is his calling. So he dropped out of the college and dedicated his life to the profession of an actor. His expressive style and genius for acting helped him to achieve a great success in his acting career. During his career the actor frequently took part in various TV shows and later he was offered more serious roles.

During the period between 1996 to 2001 years Downey’s life changed greatly. He had a great number of not pleasant moments: several times he was arrested for drugs addiction, keeping of weapon and driving while intoxicated. All these happened in breaks between the shooting. At the age of eight his father acquainted him with drugs, offering marihuana. As we can see bad habits became the part of his life.

Nevertheless everyone who at least once communicated with the actor will certainly stay impressed by his charisma, appreciate his lambent sense of humor and the substandard stream of thought.

In 1992 Robert played the role which rocked his life and concept of the profession of an actor. It was the role of Charlie Chaplin. The character of the great actor of silent movies was a great trial and a wealth of experience for Robert. The actor played devotedly and fitted into this complicated image. In 2010 the actor was awarded by Golden Globe for the role of Scherlock Holmes.
Robert Downey Jr
By the way, besides acting career Robert is a good singer and also plays the piano. In 2004 he recorded his first album Futurist. Sting is considered to be his best friend. They frequently sing together. Robert also shot in one of Elton Jones’s clips. Especially for this role the actor was discharged from prison.Robert Downey Jr

Before Robert met his first wife Deborah Falconer in 1992 he lived with Sarah Jessica Parker for seven years, with whom he acquainted during the shooting of the film Firstborn. They broke up because of his drug addiction. But having met his second wife Susan Downey, whom he acquainted during the filming Gothika, Robert had found the reason to live and kicked the drug habit.

During his acting career Robert played a wide range of roles. He easily projected himself into any character, it doesn’t depend on the fact he played positive or negative roles. In any of his roles he stayed bright and unrivaled.


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