Date of birth: June 10, 2001 (Age: 15 years)

Height: 5′ 9″ (176 cm)

Weight: 121 pounds (55 kg)

Sasha Obama`s height, weight and age

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Sasha Obama`s eyes and hair color

To be a target of the entire world is not an easy task, especially if you are a kid. Sasha Obama (she is also known as Natasha) spent her childhood in The White House. Today, we can hardly call her a child. The girl has grown up into stylish teenager, and now Sasha is a fashion guide for many girls all over the world.

Sasha Obama is a tall girl. Not as tall as her sister Malia, but still.

You’ve probably noticed that all the women in Obama family are slim and have great figures. Due to Malia’s height, all the attention has been attached to her, but Sasha has also something to boast with.

Young Sasha possesses great slim body. But as we know, many teenagers are obesity prone. So what is the secret of not gaining weight?

Ex-first lady Michelle Obama revealed the secret of how her daughters managed to avoid obesity. It’s all due to healthy dieting. Sasha follows strict eating rules that keep her slim. Michelle objected both her daughters eating whatever they want, so the girls are to stick to proper diet, promoted by their mom.

Actually, it was not a senseless decision. The doctor warned that both girls were gaining weight, so Michelle decided to intrude and to control the situation.

Sasha Obama`s height, weight and age

Till now, Sasha’s diet doesn’t allow her drinking soda water and sweet beverages. Besides, junk food such as hamburgers and fatty fried potatoes is also forbidden. Sasha now drinks low-fat milk instead of regular one.

The result is visible – all the family is in a good shape and the girls have just proper weight for their age. Of course, at the very beginning it was very difficult to get used to new eating rules, especially, with regard to the young age. But it seems that the limitations were worth it.

Celeb live often demands cardinal decisions – everything has its price.

Little Sasha Obama with parents

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