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Serena WilliamsSerena Williams, a professional tennis player, is considered to be one of the greatest female sportswomen in history. Her prize is more than $60 million and many regard her the Queen of the Court. She manages to conquer every opponent and storm the court every time she appears on it. But can a professional tennis player look so perfectly spending so much time training? People hustle and bustle that not. Apart from career success and possible defeats, there are some more reasons for paparazzi photos and they are her appearance and personal life.

Many fans together with professional surgeons think that Serene underwent several plastic surgeries. Over the years, it is obvious that as a real woman she wants to be beautiful. First time when her changes werw seen was the cover of The Hamptons magazine looking very different. She told that she’d had the recovery from the leg injury, but now we see that it was rest after the surgery.

Comparing pictures of Serene before and after operations, it is evident that rhinoplasty took place. It started to look narrower and more refined. If you take a look at her nose more specifically, you can see that the sides of it were quite bulbous, but now it is sharper and polished with the reduced bulkiness on the tip. If to speak about her face, Botox injections are also likely as it is smooth, tight and ageless now.

Serene Williams’s photo Before & After

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Another thing that is apparent in her appearance changes is of course her breast. Breast augmentation was very successful, but gravity did not let Williams stay unnoticeable due to the movement of the breasts. Nowadays they are bigger, rounder and much fuller. But not only they stand in the upper position. One more thing is her saggy busts, which she tried to revive lifting them. People rumor that surgeon inserted some implants, as it looks bigger. Now they seem sizable, perky and round and added Williams sexuality.

Serena Williams’s photo Before & After

One more body part, which does not look already the same, is her beautiful belly. Many people say that it looks quite weird as if it has sagging skin which is often met after the liposuction procedure. The cause that she looks different is due to liposuction: all fat from her butts was removed and the result of these plastic surgery procedures is quite obvious. Some dark spots can be visible in the middle line of her belly and they could appear as incision spots.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Serena Williams looked a bit different previously. And it is impossible not to see the changes. The only advantage of all these surgeries is a wonderful natural result. To her luck, all her parts of body still attract men with their perfect state and sportive view, but for the greatest part it is hardly thanks to sport. But also it is a professional work of surgeons, beauty professionals and other doctors.

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