Steve Jobs Parents:

Paul Jobs (adoptive father), Clara Hagopian (adoptive mother), Abdulfattah Jandali (biological father), Joanne Carole Schieble (biological mother)

Steve Jobs Parents

Paul Jobs (adoptive father), Clara Hagopian (adoptive mother)

Steve Jobs Siblings:

Mona Simpson (biological sister), Patricia Ann Jobs (stepsister)

Steve Jobs Family

Mona Simpson (biological sister), Patricia Ann Jobs (stepsister, second fron left)

Steve Jobs Marital Status:

married up to his death till the 3rd of October, 2011.

Steve Jobs Wife:

Laurene Powell (1991 – 2011)

Steve Jobs Family

Laurene Powell

Steve Jobs Children:

1. Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs (daughter with Chrisann Brennan)

2. Reed Paul Jobs (son with Laurene Powell)

3. Erin Siena Jobs (daughter with Laurene Powell)

4. Eve Jobs (daughter with Laurene Powell)

Steve Jobs Family

1. Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs 2. Reed Paul Jobs 3. Erin Siena Jobs 4. Eve Jobs (second from left)

The Apple, which Steve had created, was even more important than that one, which fell down on the Newton’s head.

Steve, who died on the 3rd of October, 2011 from pancreatic cancer, used to be a unique personality. He managed to become one of the most famous entrepreneurs of the epoch. To achieve that success, Steve had to struggle from the first days of his life.

He was born by a very young mother, Joanne Carole Schieble. She was not officially married to Abdulfattah Jandali, Steve’s father, who didn’t want to support a woman, when he knew about her pregnancy. Joanne’s parents were shocked, when knew that soon they would become grandparents. Joanne felt that her relatives and boyfriend won’t help her care about a baby, that’s why she gave up her son for adoption.

Thus the newborn, which was then nameless, appeared in a family of an engine-room machinist Paul Jobs and his wife Clara, an accountant.

Clara cared about her adopted son wholeheartedly. She taught him to read and write, took for excursions and tried her best to make a small boy happy. The new parents gave him a name and soon adopted one more child, Steve’s stepsister Patricia.

By the way, Steve Jobs has a biological sister too. But he met Mona Simpson and his biological mother only when he was 31. Joanne earned her living as a speech pathologist and Mona is a novelist and Professor of English.

Steve Jobs Family

Steve Jobs. Family

Being concentrated on his business, Steve Jobs had no time for personal life. Nevertheless he dated his school sweetheart Chrisann Brennan, who later gave him a daughter Lisa. Steve was not going to own a child for a long time and even refused from his daughter in the court and started to get in touch with a child just after DNA test. Now Lisa is a famous journalist, who works for “Vogue”.

Steve was married officially just once. He met his wife, Laurene Powell, at Stanford business school, where he was invited for a lecture. That very evening he phoned to the woman and they started dating.

Steve Jobs Family

Steve Jobs. Family

The couple wedded on the 18th of March, 1991 at the Ahwahnee Hotel (Yosemite National Park). They were married till Steve’s death in 2011. The couple had a son (born in September, 1991), and a daughter Erin, born in August, 1995. Laurene and Steve have also adopted a daughter Eve in 1998.

Steve Jobs struggled from pancreatic cancer for 8 years and died in October, 2011.


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