Date of birth: October 04, 1946 (Age: 70 years)

Height: 5’ 7” (170 cm)

Weight: 139 pounds (63 kg)

Susan Sarandon's height, weight and body measurements

Susan Sarandon body measurements:

Chest: 38” (96,5 cm)

Waist: 27” (68,5 cm)

Hips: 36” (91,5 cm)

Bra size: 34D

Shoe size:  7,5 (US)/ 38 (EU)

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Brown

Susan Sarandon's eyes and hair color

She has dozens of roles in the most famous films, the Oscar, world recognition, three children and her philosophical thoughts.

Susan Sarandon admits that many people have told her that after forty she will not be invited to the shootings. But even at that age she never resorted to the help of plastic surgeons and at the same time remained one of the most sought-after actresses.

Always slender – always in demand!

Star of the movies Stepmother, Let’s dance and Handsome Alfie Susan Sarandon is already 70, but she looks not more than 50. She still does not believe in her age and does not feel it. The only thing is that she started using spf tools. And the rest she is still the same.

For example, at 60 she got herself tattoos.

This explains why some actresses complain about professional lack of demand over the years, while others, like Susan, continue to receive offers of roles. Every year the actress stars in about a dozen of films.

Every woman faces a problem of excess weight, especially at the age of 40 years. Such problems exist for Hollywood stars, but they manage to look brilliant on TV screens being 50 and 60. What kind of miraculous diets help them keep body in shape?

The Oscar winning actress is accustomed to eating right food from childhood.

She is not only a supporter of raw eating, but also herbalism. Matt Amsden is the personal nutritionist of the actress. Susan believes that in this way the digestive system improves and metabolic processes are normalized. After all, the thermal treatment of products kills vitamins and nutrients in them.

The 70-year-old Susan Sarandon is addicted to raw food. In her plate, as a rule, are products of green color (vegetables, fruits, herbs). In addition, the actress tries to consume more liquid food – soups, fruit and vegetable juices.
To quickly come to the right shape, Susan eats only liquid food for 1-2 days, these days most of her diet is made up of freshly squeezed spinach, parsley, cucumber and celery juices.

Susan Sarandon's height, weight and body measurements

Sarandon, when she was younger, did not bother herself with training.

And only when she turned 40, she began to perform cardio exercises in the gym. Then she added boxing. The actress says that this is a great way of emotional unloading, after all, while kicking the boxing bag, you can throw out everything that you have accumulated in the soul.

Besides, the celebrity loves ping-pong. And this choice is not accidental. It helps not only to have fun, but also to test your strength and reaction. She is even a member of the Manhattan Table Tennis Club SPiN and lists the means for its development.

The actress believes that a treadmill can only kill brain cells, and ping-pong provides energy. To maintain herself in the form she plays every day.

Susan Sarandon's height, weight and body measurements

Also, Susan is fond of baseball. And she advises to walk more on foot, since there is no feeling that you are forced to exercise. Sarandon likes to attend concerts and dances. And if there is no way to do this, she advises moving to music even in the kitchen.

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