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A lot of teenagers and even people of elder age ask about Thomas Sangster weight, height, age and body measures. In fact, they are interested in everything, connected with their favorite actor, as Thomas is the star.

Thomas Sangster movies and TV shows somehow become always successful and the boy with big eyes and curly hair looks so sweet, that spectators start loving his hero, even if it is not positive.

How It Started

Thomas Sangster was born on the 16th of May in 1990. His birth sign is Taurus and his full name is Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

The boy was talented – it was noticeable from the very childhood. Maybe, he had no chance to choose another profession, because from the very childhood he was familiar with cinema making and music. The point is that his father, Mark Sangster, used to be a musician and his mother, Tasha Bertram, used to be an actress. Thomas was the first child in his family. He also had the younger sister, Ava Sangster. Thomas is a British actor and till now, when he has some free time, he comes to the house of his parents, where he still lives. Ava Sangster still lives with her parents too. They live in South London.

The Maze Runner: Thomas Brodie-Sangster “Newt” Premiere Movie Interview

From the very childhood the boy was smart and clever. That’s why his parents sent him to Pamlico School in London, quite prestigious institution. The boy studied well, he was fond of music and painting and for sure, his way of life was clear from the very beginning. He had to finish school and then get some prestigious profession. But the fate had a surprise for a boy.
Thomas Sangster

When he was 10, he got the first role in the TV show on BBC called “The Adventures of Station Jim”. Later he took part in other mini-series like “The Miracle of the Cards” and “Stig of the Dump”. In 2003 he was nominated for «Best Actor in a mini-series» and got that award! Thus Thomas Sangster’s star began to shine.

Thomas Sangster Movies and TV Shows

Thomas Brodie-Sangster took part in various popular TV shows and movies. The professional fate of the actor can be difficult. Sometimes the most talented people can’t get that very role that will show everyone their talent and potential. But Thomas Sangster is a lucky guy! He is a young actor. Thomas has in his career list such successful movies like “Love Actually”, “Nowhere Boy” and “Maze Runner”. Besides he took part in world-known TV shows like “Nanny McPhee” and “Game of Thrones”. But let’s start from the very beginning.
Thomas Sangster

When the boy was just 11, he had already taken part in some serious TV projects. Film director, Richard Curtis, have noticed the talented boy and invited him to act as the son of Liam Neeson. Except this famous actor, Thomas had also met such talented people as Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson. The last one has invited the boy to her new project – “Nanny McPhee”, where Thomas acted as the eldest son in the family.

Thomas Sangster in Game of Thrones

Thomas Sangster in Game of Thrones

Thomas Brodie-Sangster “Love Actually” was shot in 2003. Till 2014 it was the visiting card of the actor. It was his best work, his greatest success. But now Thomas Brodie-Sangster “Love Actually” looks quite pale in comparison with his work in “Maze Runner”. Just after the appearance of the first part of the movie on the screen, it was extremely successful with the public. People in different parts of our planet bought tickets to look at the group of courage teenagers, who were ready to break the rules and start their way to freedom.

Thomas Sangster in Maze Runner

Thomas Sangster in Maze Runner

Thomas tells about his work in “Maze Runner” with great pleasure. It seems that the actor loves his hero – Newt – and understands him. He tells, that Newt is much more interesting, than other heroes of the movie. He is smart and he is ready to think. He has some questions and looks for answers to them. Thomas had spent a lot of time, preparing to the part of Newt. He trained a lot physically and of course, he got ready to the role mentally.

It is interesting to know, that Thomas Sangster didn’t read the book James Dashner “The Maze Runner”, that was the base for the movie plot. Besides Thomas Sangster has no special actor education. He tells that education is not necessary for the actor, as it is rather the question of talent than of studying. The professional life of the actor seems to be successful. But what about his personal life?
Thomas Sangster

Thomas Sangster Girlfriend

Thomas is too slim, but in general he is a handsome guy – tall and attractive, with wavy hair and curvy lips. Many girls all over the world are curios, if Thomas Sangster girlfriend exists. He used to be close with Isabella Melling. Two years ago he really fell in love with that woman and told, that she was “that the only one”. But later the couple separated. Now Thomas Sangster is alone. And no, he is not the gay. The young man is straight, but he is too busy to find love and create the family. The actor is only 25; he still has some time, doesn’t he?
Thomas Sangster

Thomas Sangster is a unique actor. He is the second cousin of Hugh Grant, but he forgets about this fact and works passionately without his famous relative’s support. He is called indigo and when you look at his clever face and big eyes, you understand that he is really special!
Thomas Sangster

Interview with Thomas Brodie Sangster for Nowhere Boy

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