Date of birth: August 24,1945 (Age: 71 years)

Height: 6′ 2″ (188 cm)

Weight: 248 pounds (112 kg)

Vince McMahon`s height, weight and age

Vince Mcmahon body measurements:

Biceps: about 19″ (48 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair colour: Light brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Vince McMahon`s eyes and hair color

When someone talks about the elderly people, almost always there is the image of an old man with sagging skin and “creaking” from each movement. But not as many of them who are already far beyond 50, look so great that young boys envy them.

These are ordinary mature man, who have decided to bring their body in shape, and have a bit carried away with the process.

Every time you see the founder of the WWE Vince McMahon, it seems that his life has just begun. His everburning energy transmits to everyone who surrounds him. So,no wonder that thousands of men come to him every year.

McMahon is enrolled into wrestling almost for the same time as he works out at the gym. Over more than 50 years of his hard training, he has never missed a workout, except for the period of injury.

Vince McMahon trains 4 times a week. He alternates between “heavy” and “light” weights. This training plan is called “cyclical”. Despite the huge state and private sports hall near the house, Vince almost never uses the facilities, preferring to do basic exercises with free weights exclusively.

Till the moment many young men are shocked not only the intensity of his program, but also with impressive working weight.

It is unlikely that you have ever seen the 70-year-old jock pushes 600 kilogramswith his legs or pulls the T-bar weighing 250 kilograms. Aerobic training is not even worth talking about: a half-hour sprint races – it is a commonplace.Vince McMahon`s height, weight and age

Very often, McMahon is asked whether he’s not bored to do this? They say, at his age he needs to change the priorities to more quiet activities and calm life. Such matters traditionally put him into a dead end, because he can’t imagine how to live differently. Of course, huge biceps is an interest of 20-year-old guy, but if you do not resist, the years will win. Vince Mcmahon says that while bodybuilding you have nothing to worry about.

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