Ashton Kutcher  Parents:

Larry Kutcher (father), Dianne Kutcher (mother)

Ashton Kutcher  Parents

Ashton Kutcher . Parents

Ashton Kutcher Siblings:

Tausha Kutcher (elder sister), Michael Kutcher (twin brother)

Ashton Kutcher Family

Tausha Kutcher, Michael Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Marital Status:


Ashton Kutcher Wife:

1. Demi Moore (2005-2013)

Ashton Kutcher Family

Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher

2. Mila Kunis (since 2015)

Ashton Kutcher Family

Mila Kunis. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Children:

Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher (daughter with Mila Kunis)

Ashton Kutcher Family

Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is a handsome young man, who looks extremely successful and happy. When you look at his smiling face, it is hard to believe that an actor had a lot of family problems.

Ashton Kutcher was born in a family of General Mills worker (father) and Proctor and Gamble worker (mother). His parents got divorced, when Ashton still was very young and his mother got married for the second time a kind man, named Mark. Till now she lives happily with Mark.

Ashton has two siblings, a sister Tausha, who is several years older than him, and a twin brother, Michael. Michael Kutcher was born very sick; he suffered from heart disease and needed heart transplantation. Michael also had cerebral paralyses. When the boy was 13, his heart was transplanted, but still he is very ill. Ashton likes his brother deeply and supports him.

Ashton Kutcher Family

Ashton Kutcher. Family

Ashton Kutcher is a very handsome man and it is the main reason of his professional and personal success. Ashton started to earn his money as a model and later as an actor. Due to his charismatic appearance, Ashton managed to start modeling and managed to catch the hearts of many girls all over the world. Many of his colleagues put an eye on him too. Ashton Kutcher dated many beautiful ladies and he tied a knot twice.

Ashton Kutcher Family

Ashton Kutcher

His first spouse was an extremely beautiful woman, the dream of many men all over the world and Bruce Willis ex-wife Demi Moore.

The couple met in 2003 at some official dinner. Their friends say they fell in love with each other at first sight. Demi and Ashton talked during the whole night after dinner. They started dating immediately and tied a knot in 2005. The fact that Demi is 16 years older than Ashton was not important for them. The couple exchanged their bows at a secret wedding in Beverly Hills.

Ashton Kutcher Family

Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher

They spent together 6 wonderful years and then separated in 2011. Probably, the reason was Ashton’s infidelity, although he denied it. The star Kutcher was caught by paparazzi with a model Sara Leal in one car. Later Sara told “US Weekly” that she “had sex with Ashton Kutcher”. Demi Moore announced about her split from Kutcher. In 2005 the couple got divorced officially.

Ashton met his second wife, Mila Kunis, at a film set of “70s Show”. They started dating in 2012 and soon Mila got pregnant. On the 30th of September Mila gave a birth to her daughter with Ashton.

Ashton Kutcher Family

Mila Kunis. Ashton Kutcher

The couple married officially on the 4th of July, 2015. Now Mila is pregnant with her second from Ashton.

We wish Ashton Kutcher to be happy in his second marriage and to enjoy his fatherhood!

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