Date of birth: November 05, 1913

Date of death: July 08, 1967 (aged 53 years)

Height: 5’ 3” (160 cm)

Weight: 112 pounds (51 kg)

Vivien Leigh’s height, weight and body measurements

Vivien Leigh body measurements:

Chest: 35” (89 cm)

Waist: 25” (65 cm)

Hips: 35” (89 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Bra size: 34A

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Vivien Leigh’s eyes and hair color

How did this refined girl manage to remain so feminine and charming even at the end of her life?

Scarlet was inimitable, adorable and passionate. She drove the crowds of men from young to old. Many girls today are asking themselves: how did she manage to be so perfect and unrepeatable?

Of course, the actress didn’t reject any sort of cosmetics, but the secret number 1 is not some kind of mask or a recipe for a rejuvenating cocktail. Vivien Leigh fell totally in love and rushed into the whirlpool of sensuality right from the head. Strong, blinding feelings – that’s what does not allow us to grow old before the time. So let us love so passionately, like crazy.

Vivien Leigh loved herself very much and tried not to deny herself anything. Beautiful dresses, fun, flirting with men, even sweets – all this was in huge quantities. Restrictions on food took place, but all this was done with pleasure, and not under pressure of one’s own will. If the diet than delicious and rich in vitamins. Vivien never starved.

She even combed her hair with some special inspiration. Loving her body, her soul, her character – Vivien adored herself and calmly treated the shortcomings. The girl with the greatest pleasure looked after herself, took care and cherished every millimeter of her body.

If you do everything as if you are paid for this $ 1000 – success will certainly find you.

Vivien worked hard and gave herself away, not regretting a single drop. Numerous shootings, interviews, rehearsals, trips – all this exhausted the actress. But Vivien never refused herself the pleasure of closing herself for a couple of days from the outside world and just relaxing.

Recreation could be active, for example, skiing in the mountains or an amusement park.

Sleep is the first friend of every beauty. That’s what Vivien thought and recommended everyone not to neglect a good, sound sleep every day. Whichever expensive cosmetics you use, your face with the imprint of a sleepless night will never look brilliant. You can be afraid not to have time to experience a lot of emotions in your life, so ignore the night’s rest. But this is wrong and it will lead to early wrinkles and bad mood.

Vivien Leigh’s height, weight and body measurements

Everybody thinks that the stars look better anyway – do not believe. You can take care of your body yourself at home. Even an expensive face cream is successfully replaced with olive oil, and the effect is 100 times better. The main thing is to love yourself, do not be lazy and then the reflection in the mirror will please for many years.

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