Catherine Zeta JonesWeight – 54 kg

Height – 164 cm

Age – 46

She is 46 now, but she looks extremely sultry. The mother of two children managed to keep her shape, mostly due to her love of dancing. Catherine Zeta Jones is a talented Welsh actress, who made great career in Hollywood.

Catherine Zeta Jones  Biography

Catherine Zeta Jones was born in 1969, on the 25th of September in Mumbles, Wales. Her father, Patrick Jones, worked at a candy factory and her mother, Dia Jones, was a dressmaker. Catherine had two brothers. She visited Dumbarton School in Swansea, but she wasn’t interested in studying. The girl was crazy from dancing. She attended dancing school and dreamed to become an actress, but she wasn’t going to play in the movies. She wanted to play in musicals and performances.

When the girl was 15, she left her school and started to dance professionally. Her first musical was “The Pajama Game”. Two years later she debuted at West End London Theater in musical “42nd Street”.

In 1991 she got an opportunity to try her forces as TV actress. She took part in British TV series “The Darling Buds of May”. She became popular in Great Britain and then decided to continue her career in USA on TV.
Catherine Zeta Jones


Catherine Zeta Jones movies became popular not just in USA, but all over the world. The first movie that made her famous in USA was “The Mask of Zorro”. Catherine Zeta Jones Zorro gave her an opportunity to get acquainted with such American cult actors as Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas.

Catherine became popular due to her dramatic talent and good look – the beauty of an actress helped her to get leading roles in the movies and on TV.

She was Virginia Baker in the Entrapment, where she worked with Sean Connery, Helena Ayala in Traffic, one of the best her films, and Gwen Harrison in America’s Sweethearts.

In 2002 she took part in the movie “Chicago”, where she demonstrated her dancing skills. Catherine Zeta Jones got Oscar for her work in this film.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones “Chicago”

In 2003 she played beautiful and dangerous Marylin in Intolerable Cruelty. Catherine and her partner, George Clooney, made a fine professional duo.

The other extremely successful film of Catherine Zeta Jones was The Terminal. She played Amelia Warren, an air hostess. Her partner in the film was Tom Hanks.

Now Catherine Zeta Jones age is 46, and she has some health problems, so the actress is not so active in her work. Her last movie was released in 2013; it was “RED 2”. But in 2016 Catherine hopes to appear in the new movie, “Dad’s Army”.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones ‘Red 2’

Personal Life

Personal life of sophisticated English woman was active enough. She dated musician Mick Hucknall, was engaged to the actor Angus Macfadyen.

In 1998 she met Michael Douglas, famous actor, at Deauville Film Festival. He liked Catherine, who was 25 years younger so much that proposed her just at their first meeting.Catherine Zeta Jones

They started dating, but several years passed till Catherine got an opportunity to become Michael Douglas wife. They got married in 2000 just after the birth of their son, Dylan. Later the actors had a daughter, Carys. Catherine Zeta Jones kids live with their parents in Bermuda, the charming place that is far from Hollywood.

Catherine Zeta Jones children didn’t prevent her from making career in Hollywood. But her illness did. In fact, she got frustrated, when her husband, Michael Douglas, had throat cancer. She helped her spouse to cope with it, but then she got ill herself. The star had manic depression. That mental disorder was the reason of her problems with Michael Douglas. The fans were afraid to hear sad news about Catherine Zeta Jones divorce. In fact, they haven’t split officially yet, but decided to live apart and try to save their marriage.
Catherine Zeta Jones

Diet Plan and Exercising

Catherine Zeta Jones gained a lot of extra weight after the birth of her second child. But she was lucky enough to lose the weight and become slim again. She is in love with her husband, that’s why the actress tries to look great all the time. She has some diet secrets and exercises regularly.

After the birth of her daughter, Catherine hired nutrition coach, who helped her to get slim again. She followed personal eating program that resembled Atkins diet.

The actress includes meat and cheese in her daily meals. She also likes eggs, spinach and plums.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones devotes at least 30 minutes per day to exercising. She is a trained dancer, so she uses dancing elements in her workouts. She is fond of body ballet and yoga. An actress also does a lot of cardio and likes weight workouts. Thus she remains slim and flexible in her 46 and seems to be in good shape. Hopefully, she will be able to control her bipolar disorder and get back to work on the big screen soon!

Catherine Zeta Jones – David Letterman

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