Date of birth: October 36, 1965 ( Age: 50 )

Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Aaron Kwok Height

Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok Body measurements

Hair colour: Black

Eye Color: Brown

An amazing man, Aaron Kwok, has a main aim of his life – to train his body and to make it perfect. According to his own words, he had started working out 20 years ago, and since that time he didn’t missed a day without training. He is very ambitious and has high expectation of himself. Training is his main mission and interest.

Aaron Kwok Weight

Aaron Kwok

Being an entertainer, Aaron has to present his best shape to the audience. For this purpose Aaron visits the same gym for the last 12 years. He admits that it’s his beauty to stay in a perfect body shape. His body makes his money.

Aaron has a range of habits that make his body look great. The first point to mention is that the star wakes up at 4 a.m. and does jogging. He follows his plan even if he is staring in a movie. His diet is very strict: vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins. An important point is drinking a lot crystal of water. The two things made his body look like it is now – a thorough training and a plain diet over the 20 years.

In one interview, Aaron Kwok said that in order to maintain his body shape he became a masochist. He trains every day, without any holidays. Aaron worked out even when he had a back trauma. He had 2 girls to support him, because of the pain. An impressive will-power.

In addition to the issue, Aaron had a high metabolic rate when he was in his 20-s, so he recovered faster. Later on he realized that his body slowed down. That’s why he should have changed his habits and training program. But it only increased his motivation.

Aaron Kwok Body Measurement

Aaron Kwok

To keep his body on top, Aaron decided to follow a strict system of jogging, aerobics, right diet, and sufficient rest. This man is a real example of workaholic who put his family on hold. Does it really worth it? Who knows…

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