Date of Birth: 6 November, 1979 (Age: 36)

Height: 187 cm (6 ft 2)

Weight: 93 kg (205 pounds)

Eye color: Grey

Hair Color: Red

Adam LaRoche Height

Adam LaRoche

Adam LaRoche is a former baseball player, who is known by a number of unique achievements. He was appointed as the first baseman almost without any experience. He played for MBL during 12 seasons and he played for such great teams as Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals and many others. Adam has great body physique, ideal for an athlete. He is tall (187 cm), he weighs 93 kg and has no body fat. His body is toned and muscled. But probably, people will remember Adam mostly as a loving parent. He left 13 million deal with Chicago White Sox because he was forbidden to take his son with him to the club.

Adam LaRoche Weight

Adam LaRoche

Adam LaRoche demonstrated his talent of a baseball player, being Fort Scott High School pupil. He was named All-American in baseball. After graduating from school Adam LaRoche decided to start play baseball professionally. The young promising star was scouted by the Florida Marlins, but he refused to sign the deal with them twice, in 1998 and 1999. A year later he was selected by Atlanta Braves. Adam was so talented, that he was appointed as the first baseman without making his major league debut. LaRoche proved he was worth that appointment.

Adam took part in 12 seasons of MLB, but in spite of incredible career success, his family had always been on the first place for him. He married Jennifer LaRoche and the couple had a son Drake and a daughter Montana. Actually, it was Drake, who made his father quit his career and lose $13 million.

Adam and Jennifer understood that staying apart for a long time can easily ruin their family. That’s why they did everything to stay together even during the game season. They hired tutors and took children with them too. A teenager Drake got interested in baseball and his father, Adam LaRoche, took the boy with him. Drake attended workouts; he was present on the field and in the dressing room. Some other teammates didn’t like the idea to see Drake nearby all the time. Adam was asked to leave Drake at home, while being at work. LaRoche decided to stop his career of a professional baseball player and take a pause.

Adam LaRoche Body Measurement

Adam LaRoche

His decision to choose family and to quite his multimillion job got contradictory reviews from his fans. Some people applauded to Adam’s love to his son, but the s thought, it was not the right moment to leave for him.

In any case, Adam LaRoche is at home now and he enjoys his simple hobbies – fishing and playing golf.

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