Date of birth: May 19, 1942

Date of death: July 31, 1969 (Age: 27 years)

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Alexandra Height


Alexandra body measurements:

Waist: unknown

Chest: unknown

Hips: unknown

Bra size: unknown

Shoe/feet: unknown

Hair colour: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

July 31, 1969, “the club of forever 27-year-olds,” was supplied with another name – Alexandra died on this day, the star of the German chanson.

Alexandra Weight


Spectacular career of a talented beauty was interrupted by a truck, in which Alexandra clashed, going on vacation with her family.

What distracted her attention from the road signs – it could be a dialogue with her mother sitting beside, or her child Alexander in the back seat, or inattention due to accumulated fatigue – it will remain unknown. The collision also killed her mother; her son miraculously remained almost unharmed.

Doris Treiz was her real name.

As a child, she sang in the church choir, learned to play the guitar, took lessons in piano, and wrote songs and poems.

In 1962 she participated in the “Miss Germany” and took the 9th place. When she was 17, she wanted to be a fashion designer. Shortly before the final exams Alexandra threw her studies in high school and began studying drawing at art school.

At that time, she worked part-time as a typist, maid, and a secretary. On these savings and income from the sale of her drawings she bought a guitar.
Doris began her singing career in bars, performing Russian folk music accompanied by her guitar.

Alexandra Body Measurements

Alexandra – Height, Weight, Age

In 1965, Alexandra began singing in “The City Preachers”, the first folk-rock band in Germany, where she sang songs in English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Hebrew, accompanied with a guitar.

At that time, Alexandra and her special voice drew the attention of producer Fred Vaira, who came up with a brilliant idea – to present Alexander Nefedov with her attractive appearance, low voice and melancholy Russian songs.

Alexandra willingly emphasized her Russian roots in her work, which made her during the Cold War, even more exotic and mysterious.

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