Date of birth: March 31, 1955 (Age 62)

Full name: Angus McKinnon Young

Born Place: Cranhill, Scotland

Height: 5’2’’ (157.5 cm)

Weight:  65 kg (143 pounds)

Angus Young's height, weight and age

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Brown

Angus Young's eyes and hair color

 The AC/DC co-founder Angus McKinnon Young is the world renowned lead guitarist. He stands out for his guitar mastery, wild energy on stage and schoolboy look.

 The famous guitarist got a Legend Award and his band was recognized as one of the most significant rock bands in history. Angus was included into the list of the best guitarists of all time.

 It all started with the guitar which Angus was borrowing from his friend. Young had a possibility to play when he was at friend’s house. He began to play when he was 5.

 His first guitar Angus made from banjo modifying the instrument and adding strings.

 Guitarist’s brothers are also musicians. His first real guitar Angus got from one of the brothers. It was a Hohner guitar. After seeing Gibson SG guitar in a catalog the future star acquired it.

  He dropped out of school and was trained by his brother George to play guitar.

   Before joining the AC/DC Angus used to play in local band Kantuckee. He also used to work as a typographer in one weekly journal.

   Together with his brother Malcolm Young started a band in the early ‘70s. The name was found from the needlecraft machine. The band also included drums, bass guitar and vocal.

   The musician king tried out a lot of images because each of the band member had to create his stage image. Angus tried out Spider-Man, Zorro and many others. However, these images didn’t take a root. Then his sister Margaret proposed him to use the schoolboy image and it did a trick.

   To conform to this stage image, the audience was told that Angus was born in 4 years later from the real date.

    The AC/DC star made a huge influence on young musicians.

    The legendary guitarist is also known for his eccentric things he made on the stage. For example, he was doing a striptease on stage and climbed on one of the band’s member while playing.

Angus Young's height, weight and age

    His first performance was at an ice-cream parlor. Then he played so loud in church that scared away everyone present. Now this charismatic musician was named the best Australian guitarist of all time.

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