Date of birth:  November 1, 1962 (Age 55)

Born Place: Michigan, USA

Height: 5’8’’ (174 cm)

Weight: 77 kg (169.7 pounds)

Anthony Kiedis' height, weight and age

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Light brown

Anthony Kiedis' eyes and hair color

   Anthony Kiedis health transformation has left us all in awe. Anthony’s musical career began as a lead singer and co-founder of the rock band “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” in 1980. His first exposure to fame began in the late 70’s when he got a few roles in films and TV as a teenager which he came back to later in the early 90’s.

   From his early age, Anthony has struggled with drug addiction which was imprinted on his life from his Father’s drug usage.

   Despite his addiction, he has tried rehabilitation where he was able to stay clean for about 5 years after which he rebounded. As an adult, he lived the cliché lifestyle of a typical rock star that almost cost him his career.

   Looking at his past lifestyle, we could have all bet that at this time he would be living a miserable life health wise but age seems to have given Anthony not only a better outlook to fitness but to life at large.

   Defying the odds, Anthony has become an icon for the middle-aged proving that a buff and healthy body is attainable at any age. Being an adventurous go getter, he takes up challenges that people in his age feel they are too old for.

   Anthony reveals the fitness routine that he has abided by, getting him to this point.

1.Exercise – Taking up activities like surfing, swimming, and occasional long jugs he fulfills the right amount of exercise he needs to maintain his figure.

2.Large liquid intake – Anthony loads himself with lot of water as often as possible which acts as a detoxifier. Besides water, he also takes a lot of green tea.

3.Early dinner – Forming the habit of never eating late has helped him consciously cut off unhealthy night cravings.

4.Diet – Anthony has found the diet that works for him by going vegan.

5.Protein shakes have also helped in building up his body to where it is now.

   We can definitely say that Anthony’s transformation has proven to us all that a healthy and fit life is attainable despite your age.

Anthony Kiedis' height, weight and age

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