Date of birth: September 11, 1979 (Age 38)

Birth Place: Healdsburg, CA, USA

Height: 5’6’’ (168 cm)

Weight:  52 kg (114 pounds)

Ariana Richards’ height, weight and body measurements

Ariana Richard’s body measurements:

Chest: 30’’ (76.2 cm)

Waist: 24’’ (61 cm)

Biceps: 33’’ (83.8 cm)

Shoe size: 6 US

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Grey

Ariana Richards’ eyes and hair color

The popular child star that captivated the hearts of many, Ariana Richards began her career as early as 7 years old with a hair salon commercial where she starred as a ballerina. Since her dad was a producer, it was easy for her to flow right into the movie industry. Following her commercial, Ariana was featured in her first TV show The Golden Girls in 1987 and in 1998 her first film I’m Gonna Git You Sucker.

By 1993, her character in the Jurassic Park broke her into fame winning her 5 awards in 4 different continents as well as 2 other awards for different movies by 1994. Ariana continued acting till 2001 when she graduated from college with honors in Drama and Fine Arts. She later returned to movies in 2013.

As a woman of many passions, Ariana decided to build up a professional career in painting after attaining much success in the movie industry. She ended up building a very successful career through her popular landscape and figure paintings. Her incredible Lady of the Dahlias painting won her 1st place at The National Professional Oil Painting Competition.

Ariana also released the album First love in 1993 and later on in 2008 a cover version of The Prayer.

As a fully sold out believer of dream chasing, she definitely went after all her dreams till their fulfillment excelling in the movie industry, art and a bit of music. Ariana also succeeded in building a happy family with her husband and a child.

Above all, the accomplishment that surprises us all is how she managed such a great body in the midst of all these.

Ariana Richards’ height, weight and body measurements

Through all her achievements, keeping herself in good shape happens to be a big deal as she gets herself back to shape right after giving birth to her child. The major secret to attaining that figure is eating right and adequate amount of exercise.

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