Date of birth: August 28, 1986 (Age: 30 years)

Height: 6’5” (195 cm)

Weight: 210 pounds (95 kg)

Armie Hammer's height, weight and body measurements

Armie Hammer body measurements:

Chest: 44” (11 cm)

Biceps: 16” (40 cm)

Waist: 33” (84 cm)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Armie Hammer's eyes and hair color

In a movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Armie Hammer impressed the audience not only with his acting talent, but with the well prepared body. He looked toned and strong, especially during the scenes of fights.

The process of preparation for the role was not that hard for the actor as he liked training, especially when it comes to some fighting techniques like jiu-jitsu or usual fighting.

Armie used to work with world-famous box coaches that’s why he couldn’t avoid training – he had to perform the same circuit that the other boxers did. 5 times a week the actor came to gym and had long intensive training, all for the sake of role (besides of physical preparation the actor had to imitate the Russian accent).

To keep muscles toned the guys used not too heavy weights, so that to be able to do more repetitions. As you see, they concentrated more on developing strength and endurance.

Because Armie Hammer practiced combating, his screen fights looked very smooth and natural like he was a real fighter and KGB agent.

The point in such a great shape and preparation is that Armie is extremely hard-working. From day to day he came to gym and was eager to rock hard. He never allows himself to rest much until the aim is reached.

Judging by his fantastic body we can suggest that Armie Hammer not only keeps fit in gym, but he’s also very conscientious about what he eats. The actor’s diet probably includes healthy products like fruit and vegetables.

Healthy nutritious food helped the actor while performing intensive training or during long shooting day.

Armie Hammer's height, weight and body measurements

Of course, not only women have some weaknesses. Armie at times indulgences himself in some harmful products like pizza or chips, but he keeps control over their consumption. Moderation in everything is the main principle.

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