Date of Birth: August 04, 1961 (Age: 55 years)

Barack Obama body measurements:

Height: 6ft 1in (1.85 m)

Weight: 180 pounds (81 kg)

Chest: 43 in (109 cm)

Waist: 33 in (84 cm)

Shoe Size: 12 (US)/45 (EU)

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color: Black

Barack Obama body stats

Barack Obama height is 6 ft 1in (1.85 m)

Looking at this toned and well-built man it’s hard to believe that he adored hot-dogs and sandwiches. But still, it’s true.

So how does the 44-th president of the USA manage to stay in a good shape despite his not young age?

Barack Obama constantly demonstrates his toned figure and thus he proves his preference of a healthy lifestyle.

Obama is actively engaged in physical exercising. Every morning, a politician spends for the exercises at least 45 minutes. He is well drawn with a basketball and has promised to equip the White House basketball court. Men’s Fitness magazine named Obama one of the 25 healthiest US citizens.

US President Barack Obama during the first year of his presidency has lost 5 kg, and from the inauguration in the White House his weight loss was about 13 kg. “The Presidential diet”, that Barack voluntarily keeps, is really effective in reducing weight.

However, not everyone can stand such diet, though many can afford. Not everyone has this level of responsibility that causes the level of high psychological stress.

Barack Obama body stats

Barack Obama weight is 180 pounds (81 kg)

Governing the country with the largest economy in the world and even during the global economic crisis is a position for only a very brave and resolute man. And probably, it is the root of the weight loss of the US President Barack Obama.

Nevertheless, Barack keeps an eye on his body shape. He visits gym and tries to keep healthy diet. His wife, Michelle, supports him in these activities. She admitted that in order to keep fit and to look as a real first lady, she wakes up early in the morning and train.

The first family of the USA is a real example of a healthy and sporty family. They are a great model for all the citizens of the US and for those who think that if you are a president you have nothing to seek to.

Barack Obama looking great in 55

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