Date of birth: February 19, 1967 (Age: 50 years)

Height: 6’2” (188 cm)

Weight: 176 pounds (80 kg)

Benicio Del Toro's height, weight and body measurements

Benicio Del Toro body measurements:

Chest: 40” (102 cm)

Waist: 33” (84 cm)

Biceps: 14” (36 cm)

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Hazel

Benicio Del Toro's eyes and hair color

To convincingly play a role, actors are ready to go too far and to do everything possible and impossible. Therefore, there are some movie stars that “do not spare their bellies” gaining and dropping dozens of kilograms for the sake of movies. Their sacrifices often pay off – recognition of critics, nominations for Oscar. But sometimes all these efforts are in vain.

The winner of the Oscar, actor Benicio Del Toro has always completely dissolved in his character. Many of us remember that in order to play the role of revolutionary leader in the movie “Che”, he had to lose 16 kg. This was necessary in the final stages of the film.

But for the role in the Terry Gilliam’s movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” Del Toro had gained 18 kg. His hero Raul Duke is a friend of the deranged lawyer of Dr. Gonzo, who in one scene of the film went so far as to want to set fire to himself. To gain that much weight, Del Toro ate a large number of donuts every day. A very pleasing way to gain extra kilos, actually.

If Johnny Depp had to shave his head for the role in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, then his partner Benicio Del Toro, whose hero is characterized not only as a “prototype of the Almighty”, needed to take an equally decisive step – to gain a lot of extra weight. These sacrifices were not in vain – it is hard to recollect just as eccentric, but at the same time convincing drug addicts in the movie history.

Benicio Del Toro's height, weight and body measurements

With age metabolism slows down and it becomes harder to stay in a good shape. But what should the actors do if their look is their key to good living. For those wealthy and famous it’s not a problem to come back to the previous shape even after 18 kg weight gain.

Benicio Del Toro's height, weight and body measurements

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