Date of birth:  February 6, 1945

Date of death: May 11, 1981 (Age 36)

Full name: Robert Nesta Marley

Born Place: Nine Miles, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica

Height: 5’6.75’’ (169.5 cm)

Weight: 71 kg (156 pounds)

Bob Marley's height, weight and age

Shoe size: 10.6 US

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Bob Marley's eyes and hair color

The legendary singer and songwriter Bob Marley created a successful 19-year long international career as his songs still live on decades after his death.

Bob Marley always had a love for music but education did not lead him to that height of success. The highest education he got was in primary and junior high school at Saint Ann, Jamaica.

While he was young, Bob learnt to play the guitar which was a great asset for him as it helped him write all of his ground-breaking songs.

In 1962, his career began as he released his first four singles and about a decade later, his music went international

Bob had a unique style of music which birth the reggae genre worldwide. His music was greatly inspired by his religion as he was a Rastafarian.

Though he never attended music school nor learnt the technique of it all, yet he created legendary music that still lives on till today. While he was alive, he was very confident about his music and knew without any doubt in him that it was going to survive generations to come and to him, it was going to last forever.

What gave him such confidence and assurance? We may not understand but he lived strongly believing that what man needs is not an education but an inspiration.

All his music fought the system and challenged as well as inspired others also. Each time he sang on stage, people explained it as a spiritual experience because he performed with such force that could not be understood. Throughout his life, he believed that the greatest thing is focusing on life and nature.

Bob Marley's height, weight and age

In May 1981, though cancer claimed his life, it could not stop his voice. Indeed his voice through his music is still relevant even decades after his death. He died leaving behind a legacy of 13 studio albums, 133 singles and numerous awards.

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