Date of Birth: 17 September, 1965 (Age: 50)

Height: 180 cm (5 ft 11)

Weight: 82 kg (180 pounds)

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Bryan Singer Height

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer is a legendary Hollywood film director, who is responsible for several box office hits, including “The Usual Suspects”, “Superman Returns” and X Man franchise.

Bryan is a handsome man with incredibly blue eyes, athletic body and soft thick hair. He remains attractive even in his middle age. Does the hit film director do anything to remain slim and handsome?

Bryan Singer was brought up by adoptive parents Norbert and Grace. He got interested in film making from his school years and then started filmmaking professionally. Bryan attended New York’s School of Visual Arts, where was trained as a film director and later he moved to Los Angeles to continue his education and to start his career.

Bryan Singer got his first kudos after making the film “The Usual Suspects”, which won many awards. Later Bryan added to his resume such hits as “Color Me Olsen”, “X-Men: First Class”, “X Men Apocalypse” and many others. For some of his movies Bryan wrote the plot too.

Bryan Singer managed to become extremely successful in his professional life, but he had quite troubled personal life at the same time. He is bisexual and he is famous for making gay parties at home with teen boys and drugs. The information is not confirmed and Bryan denies these rumors, but he was accused several times in tempting teen boys or raping them after a big portion of drugs. Bryan Singer managed to avoid responsibility for it and his lawyer denies all accusations, so probably, Bryan is not guilty. At the same time many guys wrote in social media about Bryan’s gay parties near the pool and lots of drugs at these parties.

Nevertheless in 2015 Bryan Singer became a father of a boy. An actress Michelle Clunie, his longterm friend, gave a birth to Bryan’s first son Dashiell Julius William Clunie-Singer. They hadn’t got married. As Michelle used to say, they were just friends and started dating 5 years ago. During 2 years they tried to become parents and finally succeeded!

Bryan Singer Weight

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer, who has celebrated his golden jubilee in 2015, looks much younger of his age. It is not known exactly, if the star filmmaker keeps to a diet or not, but he has no overweight and his body is toned. It looks like Bryan workouts regularly as he is quite athletic, but he hadn’t shared his fitness tips yet.

Bryan Singer remains one of the most talented film directors in Hollywood.

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