Date of birth: December 10, 1957

Date of death: September 03, 2012 (aged 54)

Height: 6′ 5″ (196 cm)

Weight: 280 pounds (127 kg)

Michael Clarke Duncan's height, weight and age

Hair color: Bald

Eye color: Dark brown

Michael Clarke Duncan's eyes and hair color

Huge black prisoner from The Green Mile movie who was waiting until the death penalty and had the gift of healing, according to the plot, used to eat very modestly. But in reality, the actor Michael Clarke Duncan, who played the role of John Coffey, for last years of his life used to eat even more modest, but it had no effect on his muscles and other physical abilities.

For his last 3 years, Michael Clarke Duncan used to be a vegetarian. The actor helped an organization of protection of the rights of animals PETA to promote food without meat. The best thing in the fact that Michael was a vegetarian was that knew he didn’t harm any animals.

Secondly, Duncan has increased his strength. It’s hard to believe, but after switching to vegetarianism the actor felt much stronger than he was when eating meat.

Do not think that to get the protein you need to eat huge portions of steak. The protein that you provide your body from beans, fresh fruits and vegetables will last much longer and you’ll eat more of these products than the 300-gram piece of meat. Since the time when he became a vegetarian, Duncan claimed to have lost 16 kilograms. Still, it is obvious that he did not lose muscle mass.

Fame came to Michael not in one moment. He had no other choice but to become a guard of the stars. Actually, Duncan had such an impressive look and overwhelming spirit that the path of the film actor had to find him itself.

However, that was the main danger lurked for his career – to play all the time the same type. But only great look couldn’t help. By and large, all the first roles played by Duncan were his first job. He got used to the images of the guards and security agents at the entrance to nightclubs and strip bars.

Michael Clarke Duncan's height, weight and age

Michael Clarke Duncan has shown that over the chest muscles and impressively strong and scary guy can hide subtle and sensitive nature.

Well, Duncan has gone. But fans will always remember him in the image of the good giant John Coffey from The Green Mile. He could do more. But that is enough to stay in the memory of viewers for long years.

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