Bryce Harper Height, Weight, Age

Bryce Harper

Date of Birth: 16 October, 1992 (Age: 23)

Height: 190 cm (6 ft 3)

Weight: 97 kg (215 pounds)

Eye color: Grey

Hair Color: Fair

Bryce Harper is a unique baseball player and simply a handsome hot guy. He differs from the others by his towering height (Bryce is about 190 cm tall), his baseball technique and his too mature brain for such a young age.

Bryce Harper managed to become a legend in his 19 years old, when he could beat 28 year old baseball veterans.

To play baseball well, it is necessary to be prepared physically and mentally. It is very hard to win in 19, because the player’s brain is too childish yet and it is hard for such a young person to develop the right strategy of the game. Bryce Harper is that person, who can do it. But it turned out, that Bryce had always been able to do what other people consider as impossible.

Bryce Harper started to practice baseball at the age of 3 with his older brother, who was 6 then. Thus he got used to compete with older people and to beat them.

Bryce Harper tells that his dad has always served as a role model for him. His father was an ironworker and he participated in building of some casinos in Vegas. The work of Harper Sr. was hard, but he had always found enough time to visit gym after work.

Bryce Harper started to workout at the age of 12. He did various strength exercises like pushups or situps, squats and crunches. When Bryce felt that he was exhausted, he recollected his dad’s face in his mind and it inspired him to continue.

Bryce Harper Height, Weight, Age

Bryce Harper

His persistent work helped Bryce to get GED just after the first year in college and pursue career of baseball player.

Now life of the talented young sportsmen is filled down to the minute.

He is getting ready to the new season almost every day. The young athlete has three prep workouts every week – two of them he has on his own and the third one is arranged with the whole team. Of course, Bryce never forgets to visit gym and to improve his physical shape. The young sportsman also watches videos from previous competitions to learn technique of his possible rivals.

Such schedule seems so tough for a young person, but Bryce is self disciplined.

Workout is important, but eating healthy food is also necessary to remain light and energized. Again, when Bryce is ready to eat something wrong, he imagines his father, who asks the baseball star, if he is eating right and Bryce understands, that he must be strong.

Talent and hard work are the secrets of Bryce Harper success. And that’s why we like that handsome guy with ideal body!

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