Calum Hood – the brightest vocalist and bassist of “5 SOS” group has the following measurements:Calum Hood

6 feet (185 cm)

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19 (January 25, 1996)

Calum Hood is a young musician, one of the founders of the “5 Seconds of Summer” pop-punk and pop-rock band. Calum Hood date of birth is January 25, 1996. Together with Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford (the group musicians) he attended Norwest Christian College. The guy is not Asian. He is Scottish and Kiwi (New Zealand).

Career start

Who was the first of the Norwest College guys who suggested to perform and record covers for the popular songs is difficult to say today. Meanwhile, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford placed their first recorded song on Youtube in 2011 (February). At the end of the year the drummer Ashton Irwin joined the boys and soon the group started to perform. Now there are four “5SOS” members. If the the band career start was made in social nets, today musicians are popular through their big tours in London and world tours of the group. Each of the musicians affirms he could perform separately, and Calum Hood as well, but for today the young bassist is a part of the “5SOS”.
Calum Hood

Awards of the group

The first album of the group “5 Seconds of Summer” was on the top of musical charts of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands. In August 2014 “5SOS” won twice Teen Choice Awards and became “The best budding artist” and “Best Group of the summer”. In August it won MTV Video Music Awards for the lyric video for the song “Do not Stop”. Most of the songs performed by the group are written by Calum.
MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow, 2014 was the next success of the band. The group was called the “best performers in Australia and New Zealand”, the “Breakthrough of the Year”, and “The best among the new artists”.
Calum Hood

Private life

Since the guy has been very popular there were many rumors that this or that girl (mostly, famous sure), was his lover. Recently Jennifer Phipps was called Calum Hood’s girlfriend. However, the group bassist has refuted these rumors. He told everybody that all of the band boys are free and do not have any relationships. It might be a kind of a PR decision: celebrity should “belong” to all, not to one single person. Probably the guy is too young to confirm his serious relationship. The time will show.

Curious facts abour Calum

In “5 Seconds of Summer” Calum is the only one who has dark hair and who is always mistaken for an Asian. The funniest moment in his life was the accident when he tore his pants between his legs when he was performing for 15,000 people during the “Take Me Home” tour. The team members even had to seal Calum’s pants with an adhesive tape.
Calum Hood

Facts for fans:

• Hood loves to play football,
• He adores Pizza,
• His favorite football team is Liverpool
• He likes brunettes, not blondes
• He adores the Australian actress and singer Delta Goodrem
• Calum is a fan of Katy Perry
• He would like to get stuck with Katy Perry in elevator
• He loves tea
• Calum is a cheese lover
• The first kiss of the boy was at age of 13
• Previously, he was in love with singer Alicia Keys
• His lucky number is 17
• Previously, his idol was singer Chris Brown
• He never ate waffles!
• He loves cereal
• Calum’s favorite super hero is Batman
• The musician’s favorite TV Show is “How I Met Your Mother”
• If he could “turn” into any celebrity, it would be Beyonce
• The guy’s favorite color is blue
• His favorite singer is Guy Sebastian
• Exactly Calum found and invited Ashton into their group
• Calum’s favorite fruit is an apple
• He does not like salty and sour chips, but adores Cheddar Chips
• Calum represented Australia in Brazil football
• He gave up football for the group
• Ashton says that Calum has got the best butt
• He likes mint-chocolate ice cream
• If he were a girl, he would meet with Michael
• He likes to sleep more than to eat, and he sleeps too much
• His secret passions are R & B and salsa dances,
• His favorite album is anything from “Dragonforce” and ” Nickelback”.

Getting To Know 5 Seconds Of Summer Part 2: Calum Hood

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