David Cameron Height, Weight, Age

David Cameron

Date of Birth: 9 October, 1966 (Age: 49)

Height: 184 cm (6 ft 0)

Weight: 91 kg (200 pounds)

David Cameron measurements:

Feet size: 12 US (45 EU)

Eye color: Grey

Hair Color: Black

David Cameron is a talented politician, not a glamorous star, that’s why body measurements are not so important for him. But like any other person, he wants to look great, that’s why he keeps to a diet, when it is necessary, and exercises.

David Cameron became internationally popular as a leader of Britain’s Conservative Party. In 2010 he was elected as British Prime Minister. “It is an honor for me to do that job”, he used to tell. In 2016 David publicized the news of his resignation, when UK decided to leave the European Union.

David looks like a positive happy person, but his life was quite complicated. He is married a business lady Samantha Sheffield Cameron and they had four children together. One of them, Ivan, died from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, being 6 year old child.

David Cameron looks great and much younger of his age. He is tall and handsome, but has a little of overweight. David used to tell, that he is not in the best shape, but it was hard for him to care about his body as he was always on road and his schedule used to be very tight. Besides the politician has his own breadmaker and to start the day, having a couple of fresh baked toasts, was a normal thing for him. There was an interesting story, when David announced that he has a breadmaker at home. Once, when he was interviewed on the radio, Cameron was asked about the price of loaf of bread in the supermarket. Very often politicians are too far from ordinary people and have no idea about prices for the most necessary products. David Cameron explained that he had been unaware of bread price, because he bakes the bread himself.

David Cameron Height, Weight, Age

David Cameron

From time to time David Cameron is keeping to a diet. He tells it is very important to care about the body shape as it makes any person more disciplined. When David wants to lose some extra pounds, he starts to run in the morning every day. Of course, the schedule of such a busy person is always full of important meetings and events, but Cameron tells, “he tries very hard” to find the time for running in the morning.

Being the great lover of hot fresh bread, the politician David Cameron excluded it from his menu. “It is difficult for me”, he says.

David Cameron tells that he got used to having numerous snacks during his working day and it was the main reason of his weight gain. To lose some extra pounds, he excluded eating during the day, but if Cameron feels extremely hungry, he can have nuts or fruit.

Thus David Cameron tries to stay fit.

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