Date of birth:  December 08, 1936

Date of death: June 03, 2009 (Aged 72)

Full name: David Carradine

Born place: Hollywood, California, USA

Height: 5’11.8’’ (182.2 cm)

Weight: 82 kg (181 pounds)

David Carradine's height, weight and age

Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Light Brown

David Carradine's eyes and hair color

To all those who were a huge fan of the 70’s television series Kung Fu, the name Kwai Chang Caine instantly brings memories of David Carradine. Though this was one of David’s most successful roles, he maintained his relevance in the entertainment industry for over 6 decades.

During this time, he was featured in a whopping total of 100 movies, 17 television films as well as 40 television series. He eventually won 7 awards and published 5 books. He was also a well accomplished martial artist.

Right from his youthful days, David always had a lean figure which could just have been as a result of good genes. However, he did not rely on that as his very active and athletic lifestyle played a significant role in his fitness. In the past, David had been exposed to boxing, dance, sword and even street fighting.

All these activities he was very skilled at formed a healthy habit in him. As he advanced in age, he did not neglect his body as he held his fitness in a high priority which eventually paid off as he maintained a pretty lean figure up until his death at 72. Even as he was over 70, David still lived a very active lifestyle like he was in his youth.

In his younger years, David kept an average length brown hair but as Mother Nature had the better part of him, all of his hair turned grey making him even look much more handsome than he did in his youth.

Concerning his sense of style, David often opted for a shirt and tie. However, this style happened to change a bit as he began wearing fewer ties and incorporated more of blazers or jackets over his shirts. He also preferred to leave his first two shirt buttons open.

David Carradine's height, weight and age

Aside from the success, he attained in his career, David had 3 children and 4 step-children at the time of his death.

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