Date of birth:  July 17, 1952 (Age 66)

Full name: David Hasselhoff

Born place: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Height: 6’5’’ (193 cm)

Weight: 87 kg (191 pounds)

David Hasselhoff's height, weight and age

Shoe size: 12 US

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Blue

David Hasselhoff's eyes and hair color

David Hasselhoff is an extremely successful actor who has created a niche for himself in the entertainment industry and has effectively maintained his relevance in his field for about 4 decades. Throughout the course of his career so far, he has attained the most recognition through the science fiction series called Knight Riders as well as the drama series Baywatch.

Much earlier in his youth, David used to have a curly hair cut which he later changed leaning towards a shorter and more classic look. He has always had a lean and sculpted looking body which he has effectively maintained even in old age.

When he was much younger, he developed a workout habit as he got used to an active and healthy lifestyle. As he has advanced in age, David can no longer stick to his old routine as it is no longer healthy for him.

Though he still goes to the gym, he has to work out for only 2 days a week and give his body enough time to recover from the exercises. He considers this to be a challenge for him as he had developed a love for his exercise routines. He stated that if not for his age, he would like to exercise more often but that is no longer possible for him.

We can absolutely observe that the amount of effort he had put in his body structure during his youth has fully paid off as he is now enjoying a stunning physique as well as living a fit and healthy life doing activities that men his age do not have the strength to even attempt.

This has significantly profited his career as he is still fully involved as an actor even till date.

David Hasselhoff's height, weight and age

In one of his interviews, he advised all those who are planning on getting in shape to prepare their mind for intense pain and a whole lot of challenges within the first 6 weeks of their training and after that period it becomes a whole lot easier.

David Hasselhoff's height, weight and age

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