Date of birth:  December 28, 1954 (Age 63)

Full name: Denzel Hayes Washington

Born place: Mount Vernon, New York, USA

Height: 5’11.75’’ (182.2 cm)

Weight: 80 kg (176 pounds)

Shoe size: 11 US

Denzel Washington’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Denzel Washington’s eyes and hair color

Denzel Washington is a remarkable and extremely talented movie producer, actor and director. For over 4 decades, Denzel has become an iconic figure in the movie industry both on screens and in theatre.

Nevertheless, his path was directed towards acting exactly 6 months after he received a prophecy about his future. Acting seemed to be the only thing he ever tried that he was good at and fate has really prepared a path for him in the industry leading to this much success.

Currently, he has featured in a total of 48 movies, 11 television series and 8 stage productions. Therefore earning him 95 nominations and 39 awards, among which include 3 Golden Globes and a Tony award.

Despite the success he has attained over time, Denzel does not consider himself as a celebrity instead he humbly sees himself as a simple working actor. He believes in family and has been married to the same woman for 34 years and counting.

He also is not a huge fan of high profile celebrity events as he does not have any friends that are celebrities. He believes in keeping old relationships and just has a few old friends.

Denzel makes us all wonder how he keeps looking like fine wine even at 63. Though most men his age cannot even boast of a fit figure, Denzel still maintains a well-chiselled body with outlined biceps and abs.

However, this figure is as a result of much hard work. Denzel has always held his health and fitness in a very high esteem. He regularly works out at the gym and maintains a strict and healthy diet.

His workout schedule is pretty tight and intense for men half his age as it involves close to a dozen rounds of boxing throughout the week for 5 days.

Denzel Washington’s height, weight and age

In order to ensure he is on the right track and neither under or overworking himself, Denzel has a trainer, Kacy Duke who is quite popular and has worked with various other celebrities.

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