Derek Theler Height, Weight, Age

Derek Theler

Date of Birth: 9 October, 1986 (Age: 29)

Height: 195 cm (6 ft 5)

Weight: 121 kg (267 pounds)

Eye color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

When you look at Derek Theler, you understand that he was born to be a star. He has everything to be popular – talent, charisma and ideal body measurements. Towering height, long legs, six pack and huge biceps – he looks like the healthiest person in the world. By the way, at the age of 3 Derek Theler was diagnosed with diabetes. Just imagine, how much work it demanded from a famous model and actor to create the body of that kind.

Derek Theler was born in Alaska and at an early age he was diagnosed with diabetes. To stay healthy, the boy had to eat natural simple food, so Derek got used to healthy eating from the very childhood. His father was interested in weight lifting workouts and he involved Derek in this activity too.

After graduation from school Theler studied sports medicine in the University. Then he moved to LA to start modeling. Derek Theler appeared in a number of commercials, demonstrating his strong hot body. Then he got small roles in the series “The Hills”, “Cougar Town” and some others. His first significant screen work was the role of main hero’s brother in “Baby Daddy” series. When Derek Theler appeared at a film set, small actresses (twin girls) admired him. By the way, adult ladies do the same, when they see a great muscled actor in the street. “It’s a part of my job to look good!” Derek tells in his interviews.

Derek Theler Height, Weight, Age

Derek Theler

Women admire his towering height, but Derek tells it is not good for an actor to be much taller than other people at a film set. His height helped him while modeling, but it is really disturbing for an actor. Nevertheless Derek tries to use his height as his strong point.

In his series “Baby Daddy” Derek spent a lot of time with small twin girls. But in his real life he dreams to become a father of boys, because “their competitiveness and aggression are closer to me,” as Derek used to say. By the way, the star is now single. He has just split with his girlfriend Christina Ochoa.

Derek Theler understands that his great physique is the reason why most of film directors choose him to their projects. Very often Derek appears shirtless in his series and movies. He is proud of his shape as he had worked hard to look so hot.

He advises all his fans to be persistent and to visit gym regularly or to train outdoors. “You would never regret you had visited gym, you should do it!” an actor says.

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