Date of birth:  February 02, 1953 (Age 65)

Full name: Duane Lee Chapman

Born place: Denver, Colorado, USA

Height: 5’7’’ (170 cm)

Weight: 91 kg (201 pounds)

Duane Dog Chapman's height, weight and age

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Duane Dog Chapman's eyes and hair color

Duane Chapman is an internationally recognized bounty hunter who eventually became a television personality. Over the years, Chapman has brought back this career that seemed to have died decades ago. His career went international after he was able to capture a criminal named Andrew Luster who had gone to the United States to hide out from the authorities.

In 2004, he combined his career with the entertainment industry as he created the reality television show called Dog The Bounty Hunter. Through this show, he showed the world exactly what the Job of a bounty hunter entails as he showed his viewers some of his adventures.

This show became more intriguing as he blended the complexity of his career with his family drama as well as his day to day interactions and challenges. The pure sincerity in this series made it a huge success at it was able to air for a total of 8 seasons consisting of 246 episodes.

This show also appealed perfectly to its viewers that a spin-off called Dog and Beth: On The Hunt was released the year after the first show ended. This time, the series lasted for 3 seasons airing 47 episodes.

Aside from the inevitable wrinkles Mother Nature lays on every human as they age, Chapman has not undergone many changes when it comes to his physical appearance. For one he has maintained pretty much the same long blonde hairstyle right from his youth.

He always went with well-trimmed beards and mustache. Regarding his body physique, his lifestyle played a huge role in keeping him healthy and ever fit. With the experiences he had been exposed to from his youth, it seemed almost impossible for Chapman to live without regular exercise.

Duane Dog Chapman's height, weight and age

The result of this hard work is very much evident as we can observe that he looks almost the same size as he did in his youth.

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