Elizabeth Olsen is just 27. When you look at her photos and at her heroines in different movies, you refuse to believe that Elizabeth Olsen age is so young. We know many Elizabeth Olsen movies. It seems she must be much older to have enough time to act in all those films.

Elizabeth Olsen

Early Life
Elizabeth Olsen

Her full name is Elizabeth Chase Olsen. Lizzie Olsen is her nickname. She was born in Sherman Oaks, California, in 1989. Elizabeth has an elder brother, James Olsen and twin sisters – well-known actresses, producers and designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

She also has half-sister Taylor Olsen and a brother Jake Olsen from the second marriage of her father with Martha MacKenzie. Now Taylor Olsen is one of Lizzie Olsen’s best friends. But when the actress was a little girl, she didn’t like her half-sister and half-brother from her father’s second marriage. She dreamed her parents to live together. The girl missed her family.

Her parents divorced when the child was only six. She was frustrated by this fact. The only thing that supported Lizzie Olsen was her dream to become an actress.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen Invented Shaquille Heels

Elizabeth Olsen movies

Lizzie Olsen began acting at a very young age. She took part in her elder sister films. Before the age of 11, she had landed small roles in such TV shows as “How the West Was Fun” and “Our First Video. Then she was invited to take part in TV series “The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley”.

Later the actress tried to get part in the famous film “Spy Kids”. But she was not accepted for any role in this film. Later the actress told that she was even happy to be refused, because she didn’t want to become a “child actress”. We know many samples of children, who acted well when they were little, but couldn’t make the successful career as actors, when they got older.
Elizabeth Olsen

The girl, who looked well on the screen and was so successful in her first roles, suddenly made a great pause in her career. In 2004 her famous elder sisters had a serious eating disorder. Lizzie didn’t want to be associated with them. She stopped acting in movies and even changed her name. In the high school the girl was known as “Elizabeth Chase”.

She studied in New York and even went to study to Russia. There she had a love affair with a Russian drama student. Their relationship stopped, when she returned home.

Her breakout film was shot in 2011. Her movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene” was accepted ambiguously with critics. Olsen’s heroine was a girl, named Martha, who suffered from paranoia. For this role Lizzie Olsen got several awards. Independent Spirit Award Best Female Lead is one of them.

Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen

Critics used to tell, that Lizzie Olsen’s style and her manner to act resembles that one of Michelle Pfeiffer. The young actress admits that she really sometimes tries to copy the manner of that actress. Michelle was her favorite actress from the very childhood. Pfeiffer was the reason, why Lizzie wanted to become an actress. She cut out the pictures of Michelle from magazines and copied her style as well. In any case, the acting manner of Lizzie Olsen is unique. You can understand it, watching Elizabeth Olsen in Oldboy.

Elizabeth Olsen Oldboy
Elizabeth Olsen

The film appeared in 2013. There Lizzie Olsen acted as Marie Sebastian. It is an interesting story that starts in 1993. It tells about a man, who had a conflict in his office. Later he also had a scandal with his wife, who reminded the man about the birthday of their daughter.

He goes to the nearest bar and gets drunk. Later he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he found himself, lying on the floor in some prison. There he watched news on TV. From news he understood, that his wife was murdered and his daughter was adopted. It was he, who was blamed in the murder.

In this film Elizabeth Olsen appeared nude. She told later, that nudity on the screen is not a problem for her. She thinks that a professional actress must be able to take her clothes off on the screen.

Elizabeth Olsen

Personal Life

When her love affair with the Russian student was over, Lizzie was alone during a long time. In 2012 she met fellow actor Boyd Holbrook. They got acquainted, when both took part in the movie “Very Good Girls”. They are together since that year.

Elizabeth Olsen and Boyd Holbrook

Elizabeth Olsen and Boyd Holbrook

In fact, personal life of an actress is not so active, as her colleagues have. She is extremely beautiful, but at the same time she doesn’t want to change boyfriends every month.

Lizzie Olsen is as good looking as a model. She is 170 cm tall and very thin. But when the fans ask her about diets, she is just smiling. “I am that very kind of girls, who like eating! I don’t keep to diets” Lizzie tells. Her favorite dish is vanilla frozen yogurt with cinnamon and almonds. It is full of calories, isn’t it? In fact Lizzie used to visit ballet classes from childhood. It helped her to form ideal body. She continues to train nowadays. The actress dances a lot.
Lizzie Olsen’s professional way has just started. Hopefully, she will do her best and become one of the most famous actresses of her generation!

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