Ellen DeGeneres parents:

Elliott DeGeneres (father), Elizabeth Jane Pfeffer (mother)

Ellen DeGeneres Parents

Elliott DeGeneres (father), Elizabeth Jane Pfeffer (mother)

Ellen DeGeneres siblings:

Vance DeGeneres (brother)

Ellen DeGeneres Family

Vance DeGeneres, Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres marital status:


Ellen DeGeneres spouse:

Portia de Rossi (since 2008)

Ellen DeGeneres Family

Portia de Rossi. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres children:


Ellen DeGeneres, a famous comic and TV host, has a great sense of humor. It is interesting to know that the girl started to show her comic performances in front of her mother as Elizabeth was very frustrated.

Ellen DeGeneres grew up in a family of Elliott DeGeneres, an insurance agent, and Elizabeth Jane Pfeffer (or Betty), a speech therapist. Ellen has an older brother Vance, who has become popular as a director and producer.

When Ellen DeGeneres was 16, she moved Atlanta, TX as her parents filed for divorce. Vance DeGeneres decided to live with his father, while Ellen took her mom by hand and they left. Probably, it was the most complicated period in Ellen’s life. Betty earned nothing and they had no money all the time. Besides Elizabeth DeGeneres had breasts cancer. She was ready to fall in depression, but her daughter Ellen supported her mom. She played comic shows, which she invented herself, to make her mother happier. Ellen DeGeneres’s efforts led to great results. Soon her mom recovered and re-married and Ellen DeGeneres understood, she can earn money with her talent to make people laugh.

Ellen DeGeneres uses that her talent till now, when she is married. Her spouse is an actress Portia de Rossi.

Ellen DeGeneres Family

Ellen DeGeneres. Family

Ellen DeGeneres understood that she was a lesbian in her teens. She decided to tell about it in public in 1997. No need to say, that her parents and brother were shocked by the news. Now Betty DeGeneres is one of the greatest supporters of gays and lesbians. She has written a book, named “Love, Helen”, where she tried to show her daughter, that Betty understands her.

Ellen DeGeneres married her long term partner, Portia de Rossi officially in 2008, on the 16th of August. Then there was a short period in California, when gay marriages were allowed. Later their marriage was proclaimed illegal, but Ellen started a court process, which confirmed that the couple is officially married. Portia de Rossi changed her surname into DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres Family

Ellen DeGeneres. Family

Ellen and Portia DeGeneres look like a happy family. It is not known, if they plan to adopt kids. Actually, they have a sort of a kid at home now. Ellen told in one of her shows that she had bought a small puppy, which the couple called “Kid”.

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We wish health to Ellen’s “Kid”!

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