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Date of birth: February 21, 1987 (Age: 29)

Ellen Page is a beautiful woman of 28. She has long brown hair, hazel eyes and sexual full lips. Ellen is extremely small and fragile and that diminutiveness was one of the reasons of her great popularity. But the main reason of a fame of this great actress is her talent, of course.

Ellen Page was born on the 21st of February, 1987 in Canada. Her mother used to be a teacher and father used to earn his money as a designer. Since childhood Ellen Page had been unusual and talented. She got her first role, when she was just 10. In 1997 the girl was invited to the TV show “Pit Pony”, where she acted as Maggie MacLean. The TV film is a sad story about the boy, who had to work hard from the youngest years to support his family. He worked on a mine and there met the pony, who was used as a working horse. Being fond of horses, the boy started to care about the animal.

Ellen Page on Coming Out

The film was very successful and later it was turned into TV series. Ellen was so good in this show, that she was nominated for Young Artist Award and Gemini Award for her play. Thus her glorious career started.

Ellen Page Films

Ellen Page is talented, it goes without saying. That’s why her career is full of interesting films and different awards. “Love That Boy” was in 2003. It tells about a 21 year-old woman, who falls in love with a teenager. Ellen acted as Suzanna there. Her work was valued by the audience and critics.
Ellen Page

One more movie has brought another Gemini Award to Ellen. The movie “Mouth to Mouth” is one of the most emotional in the career of Ellen Page. It is a story about the girl-teenager and her mother and their relationship. One day they have lost understanding and the mother is ready for everything to return her daughter’s trust. Ellen acted as Sherry. She was perfect.

Ellen Page Ellen Page

There are two more movies that are necessary to remember, as they are the most famous. Ellen Page acted in “Hard Candy”. Her Hayley Stark looked natural. The movie is quite controversial. It tells about the 14-year old girl, who met the 32-year old photographer in a café. He invited the girl to his place to make photos. The teenager thinks her photographer is pedophile. She decides to expose him.
Ellen Page

The second one is “Juno”. Juno MacGuff, the main heroine of the movie is considered as one of the best works of Ellen Page. Being the pupil of the senior school, Juno gets pregnant. She doesn’t want to become a mother, so she finds a couple, who want to adopt her child. Now Juno must make her first serious decision. The heroine and the actress, who acted, were appreciated by the audience. Critics called Ellen “extremely talented” and “unique”. But later the little woman has made another surprise to her fans. But the most prominent movie of an actress is, probably, “X-Men: The Last Stand”.

Ellen Page Ellen Page

Ellen Page X Men

It was shot in 2006. During her work in this film, Ellen met such famous actors as Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry at the film set.
Ellen Page
The film tells about X men and their leader, Professor Charles Xavier. This time they must to struggle with their former friend, Jean Gray. But this time she revived in the form of the Dark Phoenix. When they have finally found a possible decision that may prevent genetic mutations, it comes the time of the battle between the X-Men, Magneto’s Brotherhood and humanity. The work of Ellen Page was great as usual. Ellen Page X Men is one of the most extensive movies of an actress.

Ellen Page

Personal Life

Ellen Page films are interesting, but when we speak about actors and actresses, we are interested in their personal life too. Ellen Page 2014 is not a little girl already, she is a woman and she must have a lover or a husband.

But the romantic biography of a star is not as long as her professional way. In 2006-2007 Ellen dated the actor Ben Foster. It was a sweet love affair, but not too romantic or passionate. Later the couple separated but they remained friends.

Ellen Page Ellen Page

During many years Ellen was alone and her fans were interested why this beautiful successful lady has no boyfriend. Ellen Page 2014 used to be single and independent, but even then her fans started to suspect their favorite actress to be … lesbian. Finally in 2015 Ellen Page told to wide audience about her affair with the female artist Samantha Thomas.  Ellen Page doesn’t like men, but she likes … dogs.

Ellen Page Hobbies
Ellen Page

The main hobby of an actress is her dogs. She spends all her free time with those funny creatures. Nowadays the actress lives in her Canadian house with two dogs – Julie and Sprout. “The name of my dog is not chosen by chance. I thought a lot about it because I like weird names. I am unusual too. I can sleepwalk through the apartment and at the same time to talk!” Ellen has not many hobbies because she is too busy with her work. The actress is popular and she gets lots of propositions from film directors and TV Shows hosts.

Ellen Page

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