Date of birth: October 5, 1967 (Age: 49 years)

Height: 5’ 10” (178 cm)

Weight: 152 pounds (69 kg)

Guy Pearce’s height, weight and body measurements

Guy Pearce body measurements:

Chest: 39” (99 cm)

Waist: 33” (83 cm)

Biceps: 14” (36 cm)

Shoe size: 10 (US)/ 43 (EU)

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Blue

Guy Pearce’s eyes and hair color

Everyone has his own “love story” with sport, so does Guy Pearce.

At the age of 14, Guy used to go to the gym with his mother and became interested in the bodybuilding section.

While still a schoolboy, he won a regional bodybuilding contest. Since then, there are “no misters” in their relations. However, in 2000’s, Pierce experienced a personal crisis, accompanied by abundant libations and narcotic sprees, during which he was not up to the sport.

Preparing for a power role, Guy usually uses a holistic exercise program. In contrast to split, that is, training of different muscle groups on different days, a holistic program involves all the muscles at the same time. The main elements of the program are squats with weights, deadlift and bench presses lying down. All this is combined with standard cardio training.

In Hollywood, it is not enough to achieve volumetric musculature to look cool. The skin should tightly fit muscles to emphasize the relief, and at the same time – the actor looks like an actor, not a wrestler.

To do this, Pearce uses the program which is called shrink wrap effect. Its essence is to lose weight by dieting and exercising and then start rocking hard. Soon, the muscles start to stick out from under the skin, but the actor remains slender and lean.

Now, Guy Pearce trains significantly less than before, and focuses on cardio training. Over the years, power loads are harder to perform, and one need to be more careful. Pearce is confident that at any time he can return to the heroic form if his role will require this.

This year, during the presentation of his new mini-series, the popular American actor Guy Pearce frightened the fans with his look. The Hollywood star looks noticeably thinner and more tired than usual.

Well, fans of Guy Pearce are wondering what is involved in such a radical transformation of his appearance, as recently he looked much more healthy and youthful.

We want to believe that Pearce has changed so only for the main role in the series, because many famous actors for more convincing performance of images sit on radical diets.

Guy Pearce’s height, weight and body measurements

Just recall Matthew McConaughey, who lost 30 kg and turned into a living skeleton for the role in the movie Dallas club buyers, where he played the dying of AIDS. After completing the shooting McConaughey quickly gained the missing kilograms.

In 2015, Guy Pearce told the reporters that he began to adhere to a rigid sports regime for the sake of filming in Love as a sport. The actor likes running, walking with dogs for an hour that turns into a run. For the sake of the film Guy was somewhat blown away, but there is a muscle memory, so he just needed serious training for a month and everything will returned to its place.

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